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What Our Whitefish Bay Customers Are Saying About Cell Phone Repair Services

Whether you had a stellar experience or you think there’s room for improvement, please let us know. We value your experience at uBreakiFix above anything else. We want to hear from you!

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Cell Phone Repair

You use a smartphone, so you must be wise enough to know that no matter how much you love your phone, it can break. That’s why uBreakiFix Whitefish Bay exists in the first place.

Bring your phone in and we’ll service it in 30 minutes or less when we can, though you should know that we always strive for same-day repairs. Beyond that, we have a couple awesome promises to you, our awesome customers.

We love to give you things we can use, too. For example, we’ll give you a 90-day nationwide warranty when we fix your broken smartphone. Also, we’ll gladly price match against anyone that wants to offer you a lower price for a similar service.

When we get your phone, we run a free diagnostics test to find the real issue with your broken smartphone. We have a water damage diagnostics test that we can run too if your phone has recently gotten wet.

We’ll put our expert technicians on the job so you can get your phone back as soon as possible.

So don’t fret about which brand is your favorite (whether it’s a Google, Motorola, LG, BlackBerry, Nokia, iPhone, HTC, Sony, or another), we’ll get it and fix it as quickly as we can.

Take a look at some of our most common fixes.

Glass Replacement

When you drop your phone (don’t worry, everybody does it), the glass is usually the first to go. We’ll replace it quickly.

Camera Replacement

Phones in cameras these days, they’re pretty incredible. Send ‘em our way and we’ll help you get them back to pristine function.

Battery Replacement

We’ll gladly take care of your phone when it’s not holding the charge it needs to work properly.

Port and Dock Repair

It’s impossible to connect your phone to your computer and power sources if your docks don’t work. We’ll make ‘em brand new for you.

Listening Repairs

Loose connections make it hard or impossible to hear or communicate clearly…until we fix the electrical issue for you.

LCD Replacement

Screens have become pretty amazing in recent years, but it doesn’t matter if you can’t see them. We’ll gladly replace them for you. 

Button Repair

These things are made to be pushed. Let us fix them for you.