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Game Console Repair

Your gaming console might be your favorite possession, or it may be the most effective way for you to play DVDs and keep your kids out of trouble. Regardless of your usage of the amazing devices, we know that they can break, throwing a wrench in whatever plans you had.

But don’t fear, whether you rock a PS3, PS4, regular XBOX, XBOX One, XBOX 360, Nintendo Wii or any other type of system, we can likely help you fix it. At uBreakiFix Whitefish Bay, our expert technicians will help you get yours back in top working order.

Free Diagnostics

As soon as you’re ready to fix your broken game console, bring it into our store and we’ll run a free diagnostics test on it to find out what the problem is.

90-Day Nationwide Warranty

You can rest assured that we stand behind our product, that’s why we give you a warranty for any repair we’ve done on your game system for long after we work on it.

Price Match Guarantee

No matter what, we want to make sure your device is fixed well. We believe this even to the extent that we’ll match the price that another company quotes you for a similar fee and then we’ll do the job better.

Expert Technicians

When we find the problem, our techs will find the best solution and take care of it as quickly they can—whether you have a disc read error, yellow light of death repair, a disc drive replacement, need Blu Ray drive repair, or whether you experience the dreaded red ring of death, our techs will do their best to help bring your system back to life.

Same-Day Repair

We understand the time constraint of losing something you use frequently and/or rely on with regularity. So, never fear, we’ll try to get you back your game console the day you bring it in.

If you’re in Whitefish Bay or if you live in the Greater Milwaukee area—or anywhere in the Great Lakes region, for that matter—go ahead and stop by our store whenever you’re ready. If you’d like, we also schedule appointments over the phone if that better suits you.

Regardless, we look forward to helping you and we’ll talk to you soon!