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iPhone Repair

The iPhone is one of our favorite devices. We know it’s yours too, that’s why we see so many broken iPhones at our store. Humans break things. Technology is imperfect. And until those two things change, we’ll continue to help take broken iPhones and make them well-oiled machines again.

Free Diagnostics Test

When you bring your phone in, we’ll see what the problem is without charging you for it. And for those of you who have a phone that’s recently gotten wet, we have a water damage diagnostics test that we can run as well.

Same-Day Repairs

We do our best to get you back your device on the same day you bring it in. At times, depending on the issue, we’ll get you your phone back in 30 minutes or less.

90-Day Nationwide Warranty

Worried? Don’t be. When you bring your phone to us and we fix it; we’ve got your back.

Price Match Guarantee

When you bring us a lower price from another company for a similar service, we’ll gladly match it to make sure you get your iPhone fixed right the first time.

What’s your iPhone of choice? iPhone 4? iPhone 4s? iPhone 5? iPhone 5c? iPhone 5s? Phone 6? iPhone 6 plus? A newer, secretive model that nobody knows about? Don’t worry; we’ll take care of whatever ails your beloved device.

Whether you phone needs battery replacement, glass replacement, LCD replacement, or even the replacement of your entire phone, our brilliant technicians can help.

So, when you’re ready, bring that phone of yours into our Whitefish Bay store and we’ll treat you right. If you happen to have the type of personality that likes to plan a little more than that, feel free to call us to set an appointment first. We’ll gladly do so.

Our expert technicians are looking forward to helping you!