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Samsung Repair

Your Samsung phone is incredible and you know it. But you’re smart (we know because you use a Samsung); you know that phones still break, no matter how awesome. As that’s true, we at uBreakiFix Whitefish Bay want to be there to help you get your phone back as soon as possible when a problem occurs.

So, start by bringing in your Samsung phone (whether it’s the Samsung Fascinate, Samsung Impression, Samsung Vibrant T959, Samsung Flight a797, Samsung Epic, Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or Note 3 or Note 4, Samsung Gear, or any other model) and one of our fantastic technicians will use their skills to get your phone to you again, as quick as possible.

Free Diagnostics

Once you’re ready, bring your broken Samsung phone in and we’ll gladly run a free diagnostics test to see what the problem is. Even if your phone has been recently wet, we’ll run a water damage diagnostic on it.

Expert Technicians

Our staff members are brilliant and well educated in many different skills. They’d love the opportunity to exercise those to help fix your phone.

Quick, but Excellent Service

We do all we can to give you same-day repairs and—depending on the fix—we often get our fixes down in 30 minutes or less!

90-Day Nationwide Warranty

To make sure you know we mean business, we’ll give you this promise.

Price Match Guarantee

Bring your phone to us, so it is fixed right the first time.

Diverse Services

We’ll service your Samsung in button repair, headphone jack repair, body repair, and a whole lot more. A couple of our specialties are LCD replacement, glass replacement, and battery replacement.

Whenever you’re ready, stop by to see us and we’ll be happy to help! Or simply call to set up an appointment first.