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iPhone Repair

You love your iPhone and probably rely on it for many of your daily activities. That’s why, if it goes down, you want to get that smartphone of yours back as soon as possible. That’s what uBreakiFix Seattle wants for you, as well. So whether your favorite is the iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, or any of the newest, brightest, shiniest models, we’ll do our best to fix it for you.

Whenever you’re ready, bring your iPhone into our University District store and we’ll run a free diagnostics test on your phone. And if your phone was feeling a little hot and decided to take a dip in the pool out back, no need to fear, we can run a water damage diagnostic and see if the phone can be saved. Once we complete the tests, we’ll figure out the best way to fix your broken phone and get cracking as soon as possible. We try our hardest to give you a same-day repair. In fact, we are often able to get repairs done in 30 minutes or less. Even further, we’ll give you a 90-day nationwide warranty to make sure you know we’re serious. 

Now, here are some of our most popular services:

Glass Replacement

If you haven’t dropped your phone yet, you’re a magician. For all of you normal people, we can fix that glass screen of yours as fast as you can say abracadabra.

Port and Dock Repair

You probably know this, but you’re gonna need that dock or charger to use your phone. So bring your phone in and we’ll gladly do your charge port repair and dock connector repair before your device dies.

Listening Repairs

Listening and talking—both things you can’t do when your headphone jack and speaker connections have a short or break completely. That’s why headphone jack repair and loudspeaker repair are so vital, so listen up and bring that phone in!

Camera Replacement

The camera on your iPhone is insanely powerful. That’s how it is these days. But if yours breaks, bring it in and we’ll see if we can’t help your smartphone to start taking wonderful pictures and videos again.

Battery Replacement

Your battery powers your phone only so long as it holds a charge. You guessed it, we’d love to help your iPhone back to holding that charge.

LCD Replacement

The LCD technology on your phone is amazing, but just bring your messed up LCD screen in and we’ll fix it for you as soon as we can!

Button Repair

If you’ve got buttons on your iPhone that don’t work properly, you know frustration. But getting those buttons back to working order is one of our sp