uBreakiFix Seattle

Game Console Repair

When you’re a gamer, your game console is a gem when it’s working well. A broken game console, however, can be quite the sad reality. And uBreakiFix Seattle wants to help you get your console back as soon as possible. So, whether you’ve got a PS3, PS4, XBOX 360, XBOX One, or other prominent gaming system, we can help you get it back up and running. Because our technicians are experts, they’ll use the information they gain from our free diagnostics tests (including water damage diagnostics) to figure out what the best way to fix the problem with you broken gaming console is. So, we’re not scared by potential problems, disc read errors, Blu Ray drive repairs, disc drive replacements, or even the yellow or red rings of death. Our techs can help with all of them.

Start by bringing the broken console into our Seattle store. Once we’ve found the problem and potential solutions, we’ll service your console as soon as possible. It’ll be our goal to give you same-day repair. If we’re able, we’ll do just that. We care about serving you with excellence. To prove that, we offer you 90-day nationwide warranty and a price match guarantee for any comparable service. You can believe in our work on your gaming console. So, no matter where you live in Seattle—or in the entire state of Washington, for that matter—we’re looking forward to helping you get your tech back as soon as possible. But even if you’re not in the state, you should know we have stores all over the country; so if you’re traveling, check us out online. Stop in whenever you’re ready (or call, if you’d like to make an appointment first). We’ll see you soon!