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Computer Repair

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Computer Repair

Washington DC’s Capitol Hill Top Solution for Computer Repair

The frustration of dealing with a computer problem is something most people can relate to. Sometimes minor problems go unnoticed for a long time, and a deteriorating part creeps closer and closer to total failure. When that minor problem turns into a major problem, we get unavoidable consequences, like random shutdowns, sluggish performance, or the inability to boot up at all.

If you notice an early warning sign, like a loud fan or excessive heat, you can deal with it before it worsens. Bring your system in to uBreakiFix in Washington DC’s Capitol Hill, near the Eastern Market Metro Station for the best and fastest walk-in computer repair shop. We’ll diagnose your system and tell you what we can do to help. We have friendly and capable staff who can complete most pc repair requests in one or two hours, sometimes even faster. Our convenient location in East Market and speedy walk-in service makes it easy to get your desktop or laptop repair done without interrupting your day.

We’re the best in the business – as proclaimed by our millions of satisfied customers for our policies and processes that are based on customer satisfaction. Your PC repair diagnosis and consultation are free and come with no obligation, allowing you to make an informed decision. We are happy to price match any competitors throughout the Washington DC area. We also offer a total warranty for 1 year on all repairs done in our store. We always inform you upfront on price and process of the repair before we do any work, as we always put the customer first.

Does uBreakiFix fix laptops?

Laptop repair is usually assumed to be more difficult than desktop computer repair, which is generally true. Still, we can handle just about any problem you have. We fix laptop screens, spilled liquids on keyboards, broken charging ports – you name it! If you’re not sure what your problem is, or you just want to get a time and price estimate, you are welcome to visit us in Washington DC’s Capitol Hill, near the Eastern Market Metro Station to collect all the information you need.

My Computer is Just Slow, Can you Help?

The most common reason for a system slowdown is the presence of viruses or other malicious software. We do offer virus removal as part of our pc repair services. We can also install more RAM, which will help your software run smoother. You may also be running low on hard drive space or have a damaged hard drive. Our Washington DC’s Capitol Hill computer repair team can determine the best course of action for your individual computer when you bring it in.

I Tried to Repair it Myself – What Now?

Attempting a desktop or laptop repair yourself could save you money, especially if you are familiar with the hardware – but if you ever get in over your head, bring it to our Washington DC’s Capitol Hill location, near the Eastern Market Metro Station and serving the Southwestern Washington DC area.