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Game Console Repair

Game Console Repair in Happy Valley, AZ

Today’s gaming systems are built better and meant to last longer than ever before. Updates are downloaded, and sometimes our games are too. If we want to stay competitive online, or reach that next achievement, we have to keep our consoles running smooth. Unfortunately, we can’t plan for everything. You may have worked all month in preparation for the next Smash tournament, but be sidelined due to some ridiculously long error code. Or perhaps you conveniently called into work sick the day of your favorite sequel’s release, but your PlayStation is unresponsive, no matter how many times you plug and unplug it. These issues shouldn’t keep you out of the game, fight, or match. Think of uBreakiFix as your personal pit crew, ready to get you back gaming in no time and for bottom dollar.

You Aren’t Alone

What if tripping over your wired controller and watching your console take a dive was more serious than you initially thought? Before you write it off and prepare to spend hundreds on replacement, let us take a look. Our technicians are gamers too, and we’ve seen everything. Googling “video game repair” and sorting through the dozens of stand-alone shops can be difficult, so don’t. uBreakiFix wants to reconnect you to the games you love with unrivaled speed and service. Our company takes immense pride in how we treat our customers, let us prove it to you!

Stay Close & Come to Console Pros

The last thing anyone wants to do, is find a box and packing materials to send your console out of town to get repaired. So don’t! Hop in the car and let us handle it instead. We are right off Interstate 17, and offer experience repair services for all of Happy Valley and the surrounding area. When you hit “local match” when online gaming, it’s our technicians who beat you in the latest sports game! Don’t rearrange your schedule and change plans when seeking repairs, just walk in! No appointments necessary!

Quality, Low-Cost Fixes That Last

When our Switch, Xbox, or PlayStation goes quiet, for whatever reason, we tend to think the worst. Maybe all of those long hours over the years have taken their toll, and it's time to replace your beloved system? Before breaking the bank or taking that extra shift to start saving for a new console, visit us here in Happy Valley! We beat all local prices on gaming console repair services, guaranteed. If another local shop claims the lowest price, we’ll beat it by $5! You aren’t just a client to us, but a friend as well. Let us show you why uBreakiFix is the premier one-stop shop for local tech repair needs.

Back Online in a Flash!

Any amount of time that you aren’t chasing the next achievement, or climbing the online rankings, can be frustrating. uBreakiFix doesn’t want your system on a shelf spending days awaiting a gaming console repair service that can take as little as 2 hours to complete. Speed and quality are what we aim for here. Depending on your specific needs, you might have time to catch a movie up the street, or check out the new game selection next door while we get your system  "good as new" again. And our support doesn’t stop after you leave our store! We have a 90-day guarantee on all of our repairs and replacement parts. Should your console show any further signs of malfunction, bring it right back in so we can get you back to gaming!