uBreakiFix Phoenix

Cell Phone Repair

It's not uncommon to be out in public in see at least one, if not many, people walking around with broken screens on their smartphones. Just about everyone has a smartphone these days, from grandparents to 1st graders and the one thing they all share in common is that they are all susceptible to that dreaded cracked screen. There has be an obvious loss of durability with the constant push for manufacturers to make smartphones thinner but with bigger screens and uBreakiFix is here to help when that first crack does happen. uBreakiFix strives to make the transition from broken screen to looking like new quick and seamless.

Samsung, HTC, Motorola, and LG are some of the top manufacturers of today's smartphones with dozens if not hundreds of phones out on the market at a given time. uBreakiFix keeps in stock a large assortment of the most popular phones from Samsung's Galaxy S3 and S4 series to HTC's Evo and Incredible series phones because waiting for a part to arrive is worse then watching the clock on Friday morning before the weekend. uBreakiFix Phoenix is located in the hub of a large amount of business and we know businesses today rely on the smartphones that connect it's personnel together. That's why we focus on making each customer experience a quick and pleasant one so you can get back to business... or Angry Birds.

 A big misconception is that these new smartphones cost $200 when in actuality they cost $600 or more. When using an upgrade and signing a new two year contract these phones cost $200 because the carrier is providing you with an instant rebate but if you wanted to buy these phones out right you are looking to spend nearly three times as much! That's why it is a much more affordable solution to have your Smartphone screen fixed at uBreakiFix. You get the same results for a fraction of the price!