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  • All repairs backed by a 1 Year Warranty.
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Computer Repair

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Computer Repair

PC & Laptop Repairs in Falls Church

Your computer is busted. Perhaps the fan sounds like an aircraft taking off – or maybe it’s not making any sound at all, and your laptop is hot enough to bake cookies. Whatever is wrong, you don’t want to spend a fortune or wait weeks for a mail-in computer repair. You’re in luck, because you’ve found uBreakiFix, the best same-day PC repair service in Falls Church. Your computer could be fixed and in working condition by the end of the day!

Free Diagnostic on All PC Repair

uBreakiFix is fast and convenient. You never need an appointment; just visit our Falls Church store for a computer repair and we’ll get started with a diagnostic test as soon as possible. This free test helps us understand and explain the causes and effects of the problems that are plaguing your system. Unless you are facing extreme water damage, it’s likely that your computer repair will be done in just a couple of hours.

Affordable PC Repairs & High Quality Services

Falls Church has no shortage of options for PC repair, but uBreakiFix sits alone at the intersection of price, reliability, and convenience. Our desktop and laptop repair services are inexpensive and an outstanding value for the quality of service that we provide. Unlike other repair centers, we don’t order garbage parts from sketchy stores to save a few bucks. All of our PC repairs comes with an automatic 1 year warranty to each computer repair session, which means you’ll never have to shell out more cash for a follow-up service if something goes wrong.

Expert Technicians for Every PC repair Problem

Some PC repair stores simply aren’t equipped with the knowledge or tools to handle certain requests, so if you were told that your system just needs to be recycled, let us take a look. Sometimes, however, a computer just isn’t fixable. That doesn’t mean we can’t help! A failed laptop repair at another store could turn into a salvage operation at ours. You don’t need to lose all of your photos, videos, and files, and in many cases, you can even save some of your components to put in your next computer.

For example, water damage is a tricky problem to deal with. It is most commonly a problem for laptops, so if you spilled some liquid on your system, turn it off and unplug it immediately, and get it to our Falls Church store as soon as possible. If the damage is severe, we may need to keep it for one or more days.

Outstanding Customer Service

uBreakiFix has over 500 stores across North America and has serviced close to 10 million devices over the past decade. We are highly recommended by our loyal customers, both for our outstanding repair quality and pleasant customer experience. Stop into our Falls Church location today for a free estimate, and see why uBreakiFix is the PC repair center of choice for millions of customers.