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Tablet Repair

Common Smartphone Repairs


In today’s modern world tablets have become an important part of our day-to-day life. Generally having a hefty price point the prices of tablets are often justified by how useful they have become. The use of cellphone and tablet applications is widespread, as there is an app for almost anything that can make your life more productive or enjoyable. However, the devices are also prone to damage and can leave you without any means of communication and out of your investment in useful apps as well as the device itself. To avoid losing the value of your investment and the hassle of investing in a new device, look for a professional smartphone repair outfit for the most cost-effective solution!


At, uBreakiFix we bring your seemingly dead tablet back to life at an affordable price and offer free diagnostics services to all customers to make sure that you understand the problem before any work commences. At uBreakiFix the most common cases of phone and tablet damage include:


Cracked Screen


Most smartphones today and all tablets come with large screens that tend to be fragile simply due to this expansive nature. If you happen to drop your device onto a hard surface, the screen has a high probability of being shattered. Bring in your smartphone or tablet to our experienced technicians, and we will fix it as soon as possible.




Although most smartphones and tablets come with touch screen displays, they also generally have some exterior buttons. When these buttons become loose or stuck, they lose their functionality and can leave you with an improperly functioning device. Our professional technicians will be able to fix such problems easily and fast.


Battery and Charging Port


Most cellphone and tablet batteries are designed to long periods with high usage. Over time, however, the battery can begin to deteriorate. uBreakiFix offers services to replace all of your battery issues. Charging ports can also get damaged from time to time and can leave you without a phone at the most inconvenient times. These are however easily replaceable.


Water Damage Repair


With cellphones and tablets being an extension of ourselves, it’s easy for them to find their way near liquids. When accidents occur this can result in moisture forming under the screen making causing on-going issues. In severe cases, water damage can leave your phone dead. Luckily, our trained professionals have the skills and knowledge to do all that they can to bring your device back to life.


We always offer a price match guarantee, meaning that if you find a repair service for cheaper in any other repair shop around Regina, we will beat it. Visit our shop at Regina East, 300-3435 East Quance Street, S4V 2T7 and get your phone or tablet functioning normally again.