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Cell Phone Repair

Where to get Your Smartphone Repaired in Regina


In today’s modern, fast-moving society we have come to be heavily reliant on the power of communication. Manifesting itself in the form of smartphones, our online presence and ability to connect with each other is what defines us as a generation. Generally, these “smart” devices become so integral to our day-to-day life that they become an extension of ourselves. When something happens to your device that prevents you from that communication it can be detrimental to productivity or even throw your parenting dynamic into chaos. Water damage and cracked screens can have a massive impact in your life and turn a good day into a terrible week. Luckily, at uBreakiFix all your technology despairs can be dealt with in a timely manner with the best prices available; generally completed the same day you come in!


In some instances you may consider the alternatives to a local repair place such as uBreakiFix. These typically include two options – repair by manufacturer, or repair it yourself.


Manufacturer Repair – If you have purchased extended warranty you potentially have the ability to have the manufacturer take care of your issue. The downside to this is two-fold. First, you typically need to send your device away to be fixed or in most cases, completely replaced. This can take anywhere from days to weeks to happen; leaving you without your connection to the digital world. Second, with much higher rate of replacement versus repair your manufacturer will send you a device that is void of any of your data from your previous device. Precious photo and video memories lost, and contacts built up over the years vanished. And even if you do decide to move forward with a manufacturer’s repair, your warranty often does not cover accidental damage such as broken glass or liquid damage. At uBreakiFix we not only look into repairing all kinds of damage, we also are often able to repair it in the same day you drop off your device and always offer a 90-day warranty on our repairs.


Repair it yourself – Unfortunately repairing your device yourself doesn’t always go as planned. Electronics repair can be a slippery slope if you do not have the training and experience to work on these devices. In the world of technology repair, a seemingly simple repair can turn into multiple new issues if you don’t have the proper tools, knowledge, and precautions in place. Leave it to the highly trained and professional technicians at uBreakiFix for a happily-ever-after for your device.


Remember, At uBreakiFix we offer quality smartphone and tablet repair services. We offer a free diagnostic service and affordable pricing where any problem is found and back up any repair with our 90-day warranty. To make sure we serve our customers as fast as possible we also carry parts for popular brands such as Samsung, Nokia and of course iPhone - among others. We are located at 300-3435 East Quance Street in Regina, Saskatchewan, S4V 2T7. We can also be reached at 306-522-4349 and are happy to book appointments for you, and are always taking walk-ins.