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Motorola Repair

Motorola Repair

Breaking a phone screen is never fun to deal with. Dropping a phone can cause damage that seems as if it is irreparable. However, many screens can be repaired with a professional hand and background experience. At uBreakiFix, we will be able to fix most screens that get cracked or damaged. Also, we do water damage repair, meaning that we are able to save your phone if it was accidentally dropped into the sink. This is something that not many companies are able to do. We service Motorola, Droid and Nexus 6 phones, as well as other major brands.

Fixing Cracked and Shattered Screens

Getting your screen fixed as soon as possible after the mishap is essential if you want your device to continue working as smoothly as it did before it got cracked or shattered. Going to a company that has the ability to fix the crack well is your next step. Many companies offer screen repairs for a low cost, but you will find that their work isn’t the best, and you will be left with a phone that doesn’t work properly. UBreakiFix has only the best of the best working on your phones. You will get a phone back that will work just as well as it did before it broke, just as long as the motherboard wasn’t compromised when you dropped it.

LCD often gets hurt in the process of dropping and cracking a screen. This can happen if you don’t take your phone to a repair shop right away, or if certain circumstances lead to the damage of the LCD cells. This is easily fixable at uBreakiFix. We will be able to give you the top service for your phone to make sure that it is given back to you working as soon as possible.

Water Damage

Another thing that frequently happens to people with smartphones is water damage. This is a fairly common occurrence, as people tend to drop their phones in the sink or the bath tub. Fortunately, not every phone that has been dropped in the toilet is beyond repair. We can do what we can to fix it. This will usually work if the phone wasn’t in the water for an extended amount of time and if the circuits are salvageable. Water damage repair is one of our specialties, so you will always get the best service for your phone.

We offer a Diagnostic Service that is completely free on all devices, in addition to a 1 year warranty on every device we repair. We have a price match guarantee and offer both walk-ins and appointments. Call us today to schedule your phone fixing appointment.