uBreakiFix Spartanburg SC

8149 Warren H Abernathy Hwy
Spartanburg, SC 29301

Store Hours

Monday - Saturday: 10:00AM - 7:00PM
Sunday: Closed

Walk-ins are always welcome.

Store Hours

Monday - Saturday: 10:00AM - 7:00PM
Sunday: Closed

Walk-ins are always welcome.

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Recycle Your Old Tech in Spartanburg

We’ve partnered with Samsung to provide a safe and convenient recycling option for your old, outdated, or unwanted electronics.

See the complete list of devices you can drop off in-store.

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uBreakiFix in Spartanburg, SC

You can’t deny it anymore. Your device is broken. It’s not out of batteries, it’s not that you downloaded a buggy app, it’s not that your screen isn’t just a little cracked. Your iPad or laptop or whatever has passed the point of no return. It’s beyond use. On the other hand, it’s most likely not beyond repair. So, now, you face a decision. Which electronics repair shop should you go to? Choose correctly, and you’ll have a like-new device again at a low price. Choose incorrectly, and some untrained weirdo might damage your device further, after taking a big stack of your money. You should probably go with a place that’s trusted all over the country, that’s partnered Samsung and Google, that does guaranteed work at lightning speed. Congratulations: you’ve found us.

iPhone Repair, Cell Phone Repair & Computer Repair in Spartanburg

Although we do a lot of cell phone repair, we handle lots of other devices as well. If your gaming console refuses to let you catch more Pokemon, we can resolve that issue. If your computer has turned into a random noise generator, we’ll make it into a computer again. Whatever it is, we’ll start with a little detective work. Our free diagnostic will tell you exactly what’s wrong with it, and what exactly we plan to do with it. You can stop freaking out, safe in the knowledge of precisely when you’ll be back on Facebook. And it’ll probably be pretty soon: we pride ourselves in working as quickly as we can, whether it’s a screen replacement or something more complicated.

Find Speedy Tech Fixes Near Me 

You know that old saying, slow and steady wins the race? We think that’s nice and all, but, in our opinion, that doesn’t apply to the average Google pixel repair. Instead, we win the race by being fast and steady. It’s important to us that you don’t wait long to return to your fun digital existence. Although we never rush anything, we work efficiently, completing an average cell phone repair in under an hour. We also value your time by using high-quality, OEM-spec parts, to ensure that your repaired device doesn’t get un-repaired again. The goal is to have you leave with a gadget that might as well be fresh out of the box. And, because we’re confident that we can achieve this, we guarantee all of our work for one year. In the incredibly unlikely event that one of your new parts is defective, we’ll get it sorted out for you.

Unexpectedly Inexpensive Electronics Repair

Chances are, the following scenario has happened to someone you know. You go to a phone repair service that seems reasonable. Everyone comes across as honest and straightforward. But, after your Samsung Galaxy repair is completed, they try to charge you $300 for it, and you can’t get your phone back until you pay up. Fortunately, this will never, ever, ever happen at uBreakiFix. The simple reason is that we price match. If anyone else will do your repair for less, we’ll turn around and charge you five bucks less than they will, after we recover from the shock. This means that you can know with certainty that you’re getting the best price available when you schedule a repair. And we’ll never start an expensive repair process without updating you and getting explicit permission first.

In need of a fantastic phone or computer repair in the Spartanburg, SC area? Call us. Let’s talk about it. We’ll have your device back in working order in no time.


If you are heading west on W Main St toward Magnolia St , continue onto US-29 S/W O. Ezell Blvd. Continue to follow US-29 S. You will pass by Burger King (on the left). Turn left and we will be on the left.

If you are heading southeast on I-26 E , take exit 21A to merge onto US-29 S toward Greer. Turn left into the plaza and we will be on the left.

You Come First

Whether you like to play games, take selfies, or just need to get work done, we fix and reunite you with your device. We put our customers first, always.