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Google Repair

Pixel Screen Repair with Free Diagnostics Near Me

Google Pixel repair is our specialty. We are uBreakiFix, the leading store in Powell for same-day device repair. Our Pixel screen replacement service is unbelievably fast, averaging about 20 minutes from start to finish. We specialize in hardware-related Google Pixel repair, so if your buttons or screen are busted, phone won’t charge, you need a new battery, or your phone accidentally went for a swim in the toilet, stop in and see us in Powell today.

Sometimes, the cause of a problem is unclear. You can come in for a Pixel 3a XL repair even if you have no idea what’s wrong, and we’ll take care of it for you. We test each phone prior to working on it, even for a Pixel screen repair or case replacement, in case the damage is not localized to a single component. Trust between our technicians and customers is important to us, so we share everything we find with you. If your Pixel 3 repair ends up being more complicated than you expected, we want you to know why. Diagnostic testing at uBreakiFix is completely free.

Best Repairs in Powell for Pixel Phones

We’re able to provide such fast Pixel screen replacement service because we rigorously train our technicians and always have parts on-hand. We are the official Google Pixel repair partner and receive OEM parts for repairs as part of our arrangement. Google of course wants Pixel owners to get the best service possible, so they help us train our technicians too. Because of this, you’re able to use your Pixel’s original warranty at our store.

Even though third generation Pixels are still available new from Google right now, they won’t always be. If you need a Pixel 3a repair out-of-warranty, you’ll be happy to know that we have a 90-day warranty of our own. Any time between the moment your Google Pixel repair is finished and the end of the warranty period, if you find a problem that we’re responsible for, we’ll fix the mistake. Parts and labor for such follow-up repairs are both free, so if that Pixel screen replacement left your glass with a poor fit, come back as soon as possible.

Low Price Guaranteed on your Pixel 4 XL Repair

No one wants to overpay for any Pixel 4 repair, especially after paying hundreds for their phone to begin with. We don’t just set our prices low – we make sure you always get a good deal at uBreakiFix by price matching other stores in Powell. Any store within 10 miles of us that advertises the same repairs as us for lower rates is eligible for price matching. Prior to your Google Pixel repair, show or tell us the ad and we’ll take a look. If it’s eligible, we’ll lower our price to $5 below theirs. Combined with our standout quality, unbeatable speed, free diagnostics and included warranty, it’s easy to see why millions of customers trust uBreakiFix for their Google Pixel repair.