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PC Repair

If you don’t have a Mac, then you most likely have a PC. The computers have a much wider range of prices than Macs. These can go from $100 to $1000s. The wide range of quality and prices have allowed almost everyone to have a PC in their lifetime. Imagine when a computer took up a whole room? Glad we’re past those days. Now you can hold a computer in one hand and operate it on your lap. Annoying dial up sounds used to resonate from all of our PC’s at one point and now they are quieter more than they’ve ever been.

No matter what brand of PC that you have we can fix it. Our most popular brands that we see are Lenovo, Sony, Toshiba, HP, Dell, ASUS, ACER, Samsung, and Gateway. If your computer isn’t one of those brands we can still take a look at. In fact, all PC’s come with a completely free diagnostic to let you know what exactly needs to be repaired. At Orland Park uBreakiFix, we offer lots of different services including hard drive replacement, LCD repair, battery replacement, memory upgrade or replacement, and virus/spyware removal. We know that you can’t be without your laptop for long, and that’s why we offer same day repair on most of our computers. If your computer has been exposed to liquid, we also offer a thorough drying and cleaning process. This process verifies each component’s ability to function properly so that we can fully diagnose your PC. We will then replace all components that are damaged beyond repair if it is cost effective.

We offer appointments to save you time in the store, that can be made online or over the phone. If you are in Orland Park and wondering where to take your malfunctioning PC, stop by uBreakiFix for our free diagnostics. We also have a 1 year nationwide warranty on all parts and labor used in the repair. Give us a call or request a quote for specific turnaround times and prices for PC’s. Look forward to seeing you soon!