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uBreakiFix are the No 1 specialists in the repair and maintenance of Games Consoles throughout the Jacksonville, Florida, area.

Games consoles are often at the center of family entertainment with youngsters playing, adults passionate about the games they play and of course there are so many spin off activities based on the Games Console platform, even Moms in their spare time will play when the house is quiet. So when this electronic masterpiece breaks or is damaged our worlds can come to a complete stop! Having access to professional tech guys who know their way around a Games Console, are simpatico with this electronic masterpiece, can fix it, and do so fast, is a greatly valued service.

uBreakiFix is the major league Games Console repair company based in Orange Park, Jacksonville, FL.

Games Console brands repaired by uBreakiFix of Jacksonville, FL, include all major brands include: XBOX 360, XBOX 360 Slim, XBOX One, PS3, PS3 Slim, PS4, Blu Ray.


uBreakiFix will fix:

Drive Repair/Replacement, Flashing Red Light Repair, Yellow Light of Death Repair, Disc Drive Replacement, Error situations, Red Ring of Death Repair, Console repairs, Reflow, liquid displays, broken Games Consoles and controllers due to drop damage, damage caused by water or foreign matter, and all systems failures and damage caused by the use of excess force being used when gamers get carried away!


uBreakiFix offer a free diagnostic service, because customers often will not know what is wrong, just that their Games Console has stopped working. Take the unit to uBreakiFix and let the diagnostic guys take a look, they will assess the damage free and advise on the best course of action to get the Games Console up and playing at its former standard, if not better.

Because Games Consoles are central to most family’s entertainment experience and vitally important to family harmony, and essential to the everyday user uBreakiFix will analyse the unit, assess the damage or upgrade required, provide a clear report as to what is amiss and conduct the repairs quickly, efficiently, at an affordable price.

Customer care is of the utmost importance and is the hall mark of uBreakiFix in Jacksonville. In addition, such is the professional concern and confidence that they offer a 90-day warranty on all repairs that they have carried out.

Walk-in customers are welcome. However, for busy people with busy lives it may be wise to make an appointment to reduce the time spent in the shop.

uBreakiFix is a high quality electronics repair company with a fine reputation, for good quality work at affordable prices, quick and efficient repairs and attention to detail.




Orange Park, Florida (904) 257-6303