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Computer Repair


So, your computer broke and now you're scrolling through Google for ‘computer repair near me?’ First-- breathe. It's gonna be okay. Next, head on to your local uBreakiFix. Our professional repair techs will ease your troubles with our free diagnostic exam and reliable repair service. No matter what kind of tech you’re sporting a MacBook Pro or an Intel hard drive, the seasoned technicians of uBreakiFix are here to mend your laptop or PC problems!

PC & Laptop Repair Near Me

Start-up issues: If your computer or laptop is slow to start then it’s time to bring it to uBreakiFix for repairs! Our highly skilled repair technicians can help determine what’s got your computer refusing to cooperate, and fix the issue in a snap.

Virus & spyware removal: Accidentally download a virus on your desktop? Don’t feel bad: I would’ve downloaded that get-rich-quick eBook link, too. Bring your PC to the professionals at uBreakiFix as soon as you suspect you may have a virus. Our trained technicians have successfully tackled all kinds of stubborn spyware, malware and viruses!

Glass screen repair: If you’re suffering from a broken screen, bring it into uBreakiFix for a quick and easy laptop repair. We treat your laptop as our own while we gently repair or replace your screen, and most of our laptop services (like laptop screen repairs) are completed in just one day.

Internet issues: You probably didn't buy your computer just to hang out offline; which means you’re going to need it to connect to the Internet properly. If you're dealing with connectivity issues, our friendly techs at uBreakiFix can help you get your computer online again.

Battery repair: Some laptops have longer battery lives than others, but no battery lasts forever. Bring your laptop to the techs at uBreakiFix for a seamless, professional laptop battery replacement! At uBreakiFix, we use quality parts and effective techniques to replace laptop batteries in record time.

Authorized Computer Repairs from True Experts

There's a wide variety of computer types in today's tech based world, and uBreakiFix is proud to offer service to virtually all! Whether you love your Dell laptop, or sport the newest Chromebook, our repair technicians have the skills to assist with all kinds of computer repair. With any luck (and thanks to a lot of experience, expertise, and skill), we should have your PC fixed up in no time.