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uBreakiFix in North Hills, PA

If you’re like most people currently alive, your devices are where a huge chunk of your life happens. Your wedding plans, your pictures of macaroni, your illustrious career, your shameful secrets. And now one of your devices is broken. Maybe you tried to clean your iPad with a ball-peen hammer. Cue violin music and/or sad trombone noise. Now, you need someone to jump in and remedy this unfortunate turn of events. Who do you trust? It’s hard to say. Google reveals 3,000 places to get electronics repair near you. There’s someone doing Samsung Galaxy repair out of a taco truck. But you’d probably rather go with a place with solid credentials, such as guaranteed work and partnerships with Samsung and Google. Maybe a place with a catchy name… Like uBreakiFix.

iPhone, Computer & Electronics Repair

While we do a lot of cell phone repair, we handle a huge variety of gadgets. Is Mario no longer happily frolicking on your screen because your gaming console is fried? Is your MacBook screen only displaying what looks like a weird modern art painting? We’ll take care of that, starting with a complimentary consultation. Just come sit down, hand over your device, try to stay calm, and our enthusiastic, highly trained technicians will run diagnostics and figure out what the problem is. You won’t have to part with a dollar until we know what’s wrong and how to fix it, whether it’s a simple screen repair or an extensive surgery. Once we know, you’ll know, and then, if you give us the go-ahead, we’ll strap on our special cyborg headgear* and re-animate your device with all of our technical know-how. We love this stuff.

*Disclaimer: We do not actually have special cyborg headgear. (But we wish we did.)

A High-Speed Electronics Repair Shop

Of course, a quality repair is the most important thing, but speed is also of the utmost. You don’t want to wait a week for your iPhone repair: on this very day, you want to send important emails to international diplomats, or just start Instagramming again. That’s why we focus on getting most of our repairs done in under two hours. You can just sit down and zone out until your digital existence gets restored, or go for a pleasant hike, or whatever you do when you’re not handling a touchscreen. Also, those repairs are all done with high-quality, OEM-spec components. This isn’t always the case. We’ve heard horror stories about Google Pixel repairs done with parts that may as well have been pulled out of a Happy Meal. Not us. We use the best parts on the market. It’s important to us.

Cheap Repairs that Last, Guaranteed

What if those parts break down, and your device stops working again? Well, it’s incredibly unlikely, but just to make sure your gadget lives a long and happy life, we guarantee our work for ninety days. If that new screen loses its luster, bring it back to us. It will be replaced immediately with a better one, and you’ll be happy again, and so will we. No fuss, no muss. Also, you can rest assured that you aren’t being ripped off, since price matching is the standard operating procedure right now. If you find a real repair place that does the job cheaper (one that’s not in Asia, anyway) we’ll match their price, and then beat it for five dollars, just for fun. We’ll do it with a smile, too—a real one, not one of those weird Customer Service Smiles. Call us and schedule a repair today.

You Come First

90 Day Warranty

90 Day Warranty

All parts and labor that we provide are covered by a 90-day warranty. If your repaired device seems to be having issues after a repair, please visit uBreakiFix right away for warranty diagnostics.

Low Price Guarantee

Low Price Guarantee

How do you know that you are always getting the best price for your repair services? Because uBreakiFix offers a Low Price Guarantee on all local competitors’ regular advertised pricing.

Customer Support

We're Here for You

You, the Customer, are the most important aspect of our business at uBreakiFix. From our friendly, well-trained staff at each location to a dedicated Customer Consultant Team, rest assured your satisfaction is our number one priority.

Low Price Guarantee

Getting your device repaired shouldn’t break the bank.

Our low price guarantee ensures that we always offer the best price to our customers. Just bring in any local competitor’s published price for the same repair, and we will happily match and beat their price by $5.

The repair price must be a regularly published price. This offer does not apply to competitor's specials, coupons or other discounts.

How to match a uBreakiFix Repair Price to another retailer's price:

  • Just request the price match right at the register while checking in a device for repair.
  • Please remember, once the work order is printed and signed the price is not subject to change.

The following are guidelines and limitations:

  • Price matching is only available for repair services listed on
  • The price in question must be published (either print or online) by a local retailer with a brick and mortar store front within 10 miles of the uBreakiFix location
  • If the device you are seeking to repair is a repair service that uBreakiFix provides as an authorized service provider for an original equipment manufacturer, the local competitor must also be an authorized service provider and use original equipment manufacturer parts to repair the device
  • We reserve the right to verify the price of the identical, in-stock repair components at the retailer location (i.e., size, model, brand, color, spec).
  • We do limit quantities to one-per-customer, per repair, per day

Lowest Price Guarantee does not apply to:

  • Repair Prices from auctions or retailers requiring memberships
  • Prices from mobile repair providers, or any repair provider without a brick and mortar store front
  • Repair services that uBreakiFix provides as an authorized service provider for an original equipment manufacturer unless the local competitor is also an authorized service provider for the same original equipment manufacturer
  • Repair prices that are dependent on add-ons, other items, fees, or charges
  • Bundle offers, instant rebates, mail-in offers, or offers that include financing
  • Prices that require minimum purchases amount or quantity
  • Repair prices that other retailers have listed as clearance, close out, liquidation, special hour/flash/limited quantity offers
  • Repair prices that utilize damaged or used components
  • Misprinted or inaccurate prices

Whether you like to play games, take selfies, or just need to get work done, we fix and reunite you with your device. We put our customers first, always.

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