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  • Quality parts and training on computers and laptops.
  • All repairs backed by a 1 Year Warranty.
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Computer Repair

Computer & Laptop Repairs in Newport

Computer repair shouldn’t be a gamble. If you pay to have something fixed, it should be fixed – that’s what we believe. We are uBreakiFix, Newport’s best and most reliable source for desktop and laptop repair. When you trust us with your computer, you can feel safe knowing that we only use quality parts and employ the brightest technicians possible. Our repairs also automatically come with a free 1 year warranty, so that even if an accident happens, you won’t have to pay another dime to get your computer in top shape.

Low-Price & Price Match Guarantee

We are proud to provide Newport with the most accessible and convenient computer repair around. Our PC repair services are high quality at a low price, and we’ll even beat the price of our competitors in Newport. If you find someone nearby offering desktop or laptop repair for less than us, we want to hear about it when you come in, and we’ll drop the price by another $5 for your trouble.

Free Diagnostic on All PC Repairs

In days past, the only reliable way to get a quality computer repair was to ship your machine of to a repair center, hope it didn’t get damaged during transit, and wait who-knows-how-long to get it back. Those days are long over. Newport’s uBreakiFix can have you in and out in minutes so your day isn’t interrupted, all without an appointment. We start with a free diagnostic test, then have a chat to explain exactly what’s wrong with your computer. Once you give permission, we’ll get started; most repairs take 1 to 2 hours from that point.

Computer Repairs Symptoms & Other PC Services

If you have water damages to your computer, it cannot be dealt with in a single day, and we’ll let you know if that’s the case. It’s difficult to assess the extent of water damage, so we’ll need to see the system in person at our Newport computer repair store to give you an accurate time and cost estimate. Spill a drink on your laptop? We can take care of most types of liquid damage – stop in for a free diagnostic test and we’ll go from there.

We don’t just fix hardware. We can also remove viruses and spyware that are plaguing your computer and compromising your security. If your system is just generally slower than it used to be or takes an extremely long time to turn on, we can figure out why with a few diagnostic tests and fix that problem as well. It’s possible that you may need a new processor or more RAM – we install components as well and can help you figure out what is a good fit for your system.

There are some problems that are just too much even for our extremely skilled PC repair technicians in Newport, like extensive water damage. If your laptop took a long bath and it’s just not possible to fix, we can help you salvage the data instead. We’ll never charge you for an incomplete PC repair.