uBreakiFix Moorestown

Cell Phone Repair

Smartphones are one of our specialties at uBreakiFix Moorestown. When your smartphone is broken, if it can be fixed, we’ll do it. Don’t sweat it! Regardless of which brand you have, LG, Sony, Motorola, HTC, Blackberry, Nokia, Google, iPhone, or something else, simply bring it in and we’ll do what we can for you.


We provide your smartphone a free diagnostics test to find out what’s wrong with it. When we find out, we’ll let you know what we believe is the best course of action is to fix it properly. (Oh, and we also have a water damage diagnostics test in case your phone has gotten wet.)


We’ll take everything into consideration that your phone might need: battery replacement, glass replacement, LCD replacement, or even replacement of the entire phone. But you can rest assured, if we can fix it, we certainly will. And as often as we are able—which is almost every time—we’ll give you same day repair. Frequently, we’re able to do repairs in 30 minutes or less!


In addition to that, when we work on your smartphone, we’ll give you a 90-day nationwide warranty, so you can be sure your phone is properly cared for. On top of that, we offer you price match guarantees on similar service from other companies, because we want your phone to be fixed with excellence.


Most-used repair services:

Replace LCD—So goes your LCD screen goes, so goes your phone usage. When it’s not working correctly, replacement is critical to you being able to use it.
Phone battery replacement—When phone batteries start to give out, it becomes increasingly difficult to use your smartphone. Replacing the battery will make the difference.

Cracked repair—When a part of your phone body cracks, we’ll pull out the stops to get you a phone that’s whole again, and we’ll do that as soon as possible so you can be on the go again.

Screen repair—Glass repair is a serious issue. Broken glass can cut and can make it so you’re unable to interact with the interface in the same manner. We want you to be free of harm and using that touch screen like it’s your job (as it very well might be).

Our locations are across North America, but if you have a smartphone in the Maple Shade area bring it in to us at uBreakiFix Moorestown and we’ll fix it up the right way for you!