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Recycle Your Old Tech in Henderson

We’ve partnered with Samsung to provide a safe and convenient recycling option for your old, outdated, or unwanted electronics.

See the complete list of devices you can drop off in-store.

Location Information

uBreakiFix in Henderson, NV

Henderson, Nevada is home to the City of Lights itself, Las Vegas— a great place to gamble, admire the architecture, and break your device. The entertainment opportunities our city provides are all great opportunities to drop your phone. Unfortunately, if you’re reading this, it’s probably happened to you. Now, you need an iPhone repair, or an iPad rehaul, or any other kind of maintenance, so you can go back to Instagramming, rather than staring at your gadget and trying to will it back to life. There are a lot of places you could go for this, but you’re not sure which to pick. Google tells you that there’s a computer and refrigerator repair shop down the road who does their work with biodegradable forks, but while this seems like an interesting concept, it’s not exactly what you’re looking for. What you want is guaranteed work, from technicians partnered with Google, Samsung, and other reputable companies. You can get that from uBreakiFix in Henderson. 

iPhone Repair, Computer Repair & Electronics Repair in Henderson

Most of what we do is cell phone repair, just because phones are small, easily broken, and often used by people taking selfies in moving vehicles. But we can handle all kinds of devices. If your MacBook is producing sparks instead of documents, or your gaming console keeps inviting you to play a fun game of “Look at This Blank Screen,” we’ve got you covered. Just bring it in and enjoy our patented process. It always begins with a free and friendly consultation. We don’t charge you any money, ever, until we get a sense of why your device is dead, and how we can resurrect it, whether that will involve a screen replacement or a total overhaul. Then, we’ll give you a full rundown on what everything will cost and why, and when your device will be returned to your loving embrace.

Speedy Repairs Done Right

Quality is the most important thing, but speed is the second-most important thing, and it’s a close second. If your Google Pixel repair takes seven years, it doesn’t matter if your phone is returned in immaculate condition. You’ve missed an entire generation of YouTube videos. They probably don’t even use YouTube for videos anymore. This is why we complete most of our repairs in under two hours, and why many are actually done in under sixty minutes. We want your digital life to start again as soon as possible. Just go eat some fries, come back, and get back to frantically clearing your inbox, or searching for Pokemon, or whatever.

Find Quality Repairs Near You in Henderson

Life always contains uncertainty. That’s especially true when it comes to complex electronics. Sometimes, one of your components just turns out to be defective; even if you only order high-quality, OEM-spec parts like we do. This is why we guarantee all of our work for one year. If your device stubbornly insists on being broken, just bring it back, and we’ll make it like new again, for no charge. Also, if this is all starting to sound kind of expensive and exclusive, don’t worry. It’s actually the opposite: we charge as little as possible, since we price match with our competitors. If you can find someone that will do your repair for cheaper, which almost never happens, we’ll beat their price by five dollars, just because we like being both the best and the cheapest. So, call us and schedule a repair, and let us make your device shiny and fun again.


We are located in Whitney Ranch Shopping Center.

If you are heading south on I-515 S , take exit 64B for Galleria Drive. Keep right at the fork to continue toward Galleria Dr. Continue onto Galleria Dr. Use the right lane to stay on Galleria Dr. Use the middle lane to turn left onto N Stephanie St. Turn right into the shopping center.

If you are heading northwest on I-11 N , continue onto US-93 N/US-95 N. Continue onto I-515 N/US-93 N/US-95 N. Take exit 64B for Galleria Drive. Use the right lane to turn left onto W Galleria Dr. Continue onto Galleria Dr. Use the right lane to stay on Galleria Dr. Use the middle lane to turn left onto N Stephanie St. Turn right into the shopping center.

You Come First

Whether you like to play games, take selfies, or just need to get work done, we fix and reunite you with your device. We put our customers first, always.