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Game Console Repair

There are fewer things more frustrating to an avid gamer then being at the end of a

game and having your console stop working right before the dramatic conclusion. 

We at uBreakiFix Lakewood know your struggle and have made it our goal to get 

gamers back in to the game! With our large array of console repairs and quick 

turnaround times uBreakiFix can get your broken Xbox, Playstion, or Nintendo 

system dusted off and running like new again. 

uBreakiFix Lakewood is seasoned in its console repairs, repairing such issues as the 

Xbox 360 RRoD (Red Ring of Death) and the Playstation 3’s Blu-Ray drive repair. At 

uBreakiFix console repairs are not just our job, but our passion. The staff at 

uBreakiFix Lakewood are no strangers to the gaming world and have spent 

countless hours in front of our T.V’s scratching away at the most hardware intense 

and time consuming games out on the market. We not only play the games but, 

understand the strain graphics heavy games can put on your console which is why 

we offer Free Diagnostics and console cleanings to all of our customers. The best 

way to fix a problem is to try and prevent it from ever happening which is why we 

invite all of our console enthusiast to stop by and have us dust out your console to 

prevent any damage occurring form over heating or damaging the laser. So don’t 

wait, if you love games as much as the staff at uBreakiFix Lakewood does then stop 

by for a Free Diagnostic and console cleaning Today!