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What Our Keystone Customers Are Saying About Cell Phone Repair Services

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Cell Phone Repair

The smartphone is one of our specialities at uBreakiFix Keystone. When you have a broken smartphone, if it can be fixed, we can do it. No matter what brand you have, whether it’s LG, Motorola, HTC, Nokia, Google, Sony, Blackberry, iPhone, or else, bring it in and we’ll take a look at it for you.

We’ll give your beloved device a free diagnostic to figure out what ails it and then we’ll let you know what we think the best course of action is to fix the issues. In addition, our water damage diagnostic works wonders for phones that have gotten wet.

We’ll take into consideration that you might need a glass replacement, LCD replacement, battery replacement, or even an entire phone replacement. But if we can fix it, we will. As often as we can—which is most of the time—we’ll offer you same day repair. We’re able to do many repairs in 30 minutes or less!

And whenever we work on your phone, we’ll give you a 90-day nationwide warranty to make you sure your cell phone is properly cared for. In addition, we gladly offer a price match guarantee on any similar service to what we provide.

Most-used repair services:

Screen repair—When you need glass repair, that’s a serious issue. Not only are the internal workings of your phone exposed to the elements and to harm, but so are you. Broken glass can cut—not a great attribute to have with something that you hold to your face. Phone battery replacement—When your battery starts to go, it makes it more and more difficult to use your cell phone. Changing the battery when it’s gone bad will make all the difference. Replace LCD—As your screen goes, so goes your phone. When your LCD screen isn’t working properly, a replacement is vital. Cracked repair—If any other part of your phone body gets cracked, we can pull out all the stops to get you a phone that’s whole and complete as soon as possible so you can be on the go with it again.

We have locations across North America, but if you have a smartphone in the Indianapolis area—or anywhere in Indiana, for that matter—bring it in to us at Keystone Crossing and we’ll fix it up right for you!