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Game Console Repair

Whenever gaming systems go down—XBOX 360, XBOX One, PS3, PS4, or other—it feels necessary to get it up and running again as soon as possible. At uBreakiFix Greece, our expertise in fixing each one of those systems can help you.

Same-Day Repair
Everybody wants their game console back as soon as possible and we’re sure you’re likely no different. And you’re in luck; we offer same-day repair whenever possible. And with our awesome employees, many repairs are as quick as 30 minutes or less, depending on the specific problem.

Free Diagnostics
Bring your broken game console to our Greece store and we’ll run a diagnostics test on it to find the problem. 

90-Day Nationwide Warranty
We care about serving you with excellence. Because of this and because we’re confident in our work, we guarantee to you that your device will remain fixed long after we’ve worked on it. 

Expert Technicians
As one of our expert technicians finds the problem, they’ll let you know what it is and then get cracking on fixing your device. Whether you’re dealing with a disc read error, Blu Ray drive repair, disc drive replacement, yellow light of death repair, or whether you have experienced the dreaded red ring of death, our techs will do their best to help bring your system back to life. 

Price Match Guarantee
We want to make sure you get your repair done correctly the first time, so we’ll match any price quote you provide from a company with a similar service. 

Stop in whenever you’re ready to see us, uBreakiFix Greece is located across the street from The Mall at Greece Ridge.