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Monday - Saturday: 10:00AM - 7:00PM
Sunday: 12:00PM - 5:00PM

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Store Hours

Monday - Saturday: 10:00AM - 7:00PM
Sunday: 12:00PM - 5:00PM

Walk-ins are always welcome.

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North Las Vegas, Sunrise Manor, Copperfield, Eagle Creek, Northgate, Lynbrook

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Recycle Your Old Tech in North Las Vegas

We’ve partnered with Samsung to provide a safe and convenient recycling option for your old, outdated, or unwanted electronics.

See the complete list of devices you can drop off in-store.

Location Information

uBreakiFix in North Las Vegas (Centennial), NV

Sticks and stones can break your bones… And they can do the same to our favorite pricey piece of tech. If you’re reading this, it’s probably because your gadget has been broken; whether by a stick, stone, or other object. Perhaps you left your iPad on top of your car and then floored it in search of adventure. Maybe your child did an adorable dance on the coffee table, and now you need a Samsung Galaxy repair. These things happen. Where do you go to get a repair done? There’s lots of electronics repair near you, but some of it looks weird. One business proudly advertises that it’s the best in-person iPhone screen replacement in Kazakhstan, but... it’s located in Nevada. Maybe don’t go there? Instead, go to a place with guaranteed work and partnerships with Samsung and Google. Somewhere with a free diagnostic for every device. You know. Like uBreakiFix.

iPhone, Computer & Electronics Repair

We spend most of our time happily doing cell phone repair, but that’s only because people seem to really enjoy breaking their phones. We actually repair all kinds of devices, doing everything from screen replacement to total overhauls. If your MacBook isn’t producing anything except random puffs of smoke and alarming high-pitched noises, bring it in. If your game console is displaying a fractured Mario swimming through a sea of static, we can help with that. Whatever it is, we start by giving your device a free diagnostic, because we don’t feel comfortable charging you any money until we know what’s wrong, and you know what’s wrong. Once the diagnostic is complete, you’ll get a detailed quote, telling you how much you’ll pay and when your device will be gleaming in your pocket once again. 

Same-Day Phone Repairs & So Much More

We understand that time without your device can be agonizing, as well as professionally inconvenient. Our whole lives are run through these fragile little rectangles, after all. So, while we absolutely insist on quality for our fixes, we also insist on speed. In fact, we’re such pros that we finish most of our repairs in under two hours. Many of them actually get done in sixty minutes or less. You can just go take a nap and wake up to a device that’s like new again, or whatever else your heart desires. Your phone is in good hands, so there's no need to worry while you wait.

Our Double-Backed Guarantee

We guarantee all of our work for one year for your confidence and ours. You see, while every repair we do is top-notch, even high-quality OEM-spec manufacturers sometimes produce defective parts. It’s just a random thing that happens. And we like to know our customers are covered no matter what happens. So In the unlikely event that you’re in the 1% that experience this kind of issue, bring your device back to us and we’ll happily make it right again. Plus, uBreakiFix can guarantee that our work is the cheapest around because we’ve got a price-match policy that’s pretty much unbeatable. If you find anywhere that does a cheaper Google Pixel or iPhone repair than we do, we’ll beat their price by five dollars just to amaze and astound you. You can be sure that you’re getting a long-lasting device for an insanely low price at uBreakiFix, and we’d be happy to talk to you. Give us a call to start making tech miracles happen.


If you are heading northeast on I-15 N , take exit 42A to merge onto US-95 N toward Reno. Take exit 91A for County Rd 215 and keep right and merge onto Co Rd 215 E. Take exit 41 for Decatur Blvd. Turn left onto N Decatur Blvd. Turn right after The Habit Burger Grill (on the right). Turn right into the shopping center.

If you are heading southeast on US-95 S/Oran K. Gragson Fwy , take exit 91 for Centennial Center Blvd. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for Ann Rd. Turn left onto W Ann Rd. Turn left to merge onto US-95 N. Merge onto US-95 N. Take exit 91A for County Rd 215. Keep right and merge onto Co Rd 215 E. Take exit 41 for Decatur Blvd. Turn left onto N Decatur Blvd. Turn right after The Habit Burger Grill (on the right). Turn right into the plaza.

You Come First

Whether you like to play games, take selfies, or just need to get work done, we fix and reunite you with your device. We put our customers first, always.