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Forbes | Mar 21, 2018

Cryptocurrency Gold Rush And The Unforeseen Effect On PC Gamers

Have you noticed the shortage of high-end graphics cards? If you are not a PC gamer, then the answer is probably no. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care. As digital currencies become increasingly prominent, their collective impact will continue to reach beyond the crypto economy and into our material world. The current shortage of PC graphics cards is the latest example, but it won’t be the last.

Forbes | Apr 25, 2018

Four Ways To Maximize Workplace Productivity By Checking Your Technology Use

In the workplace, many tech enterprises spend much of the day, if not all of it, looking at a screen. New apps and platforms emerge every day claiming to improve time management, increase efficiency and streamline collaboration — however, these innovations can often do more harm than good by introducing new distractions into the workplace. How can businesses leverage and limit technology to increase productivity, maximize talent and resources and support a healthy work-life balance? Here are four tips to check in by checking out.

Android Headlines | Jun 29, 2018

How uBreakiFix Repairs Broken Smartphone Screens

Dropping a phone is never fun. It usually results in a brief moment of breathless despair followed by an immediate moment of fear that the device may have been damaged beyond the point of normal daily use, which for some usually leads to having to purchase a new device entirely if they didn’t have insurance, or paying for the insurance to send you a refurbished device replacement. You can also try to repair the phone yourself if you know what you’re doing, but if you’re not quite sure then you can end up damaging your device even more and perhaps beyond repair. This is where services like uBreakiFix come in. It has trained technicians that handle the repair for you and in most cases it’s done pretty quickly so you can have the device back same-day.

Franchise Handbook | Jun 22, 2018

Ensuring Longevity: Smart and Sustainable Franchise Growth

Franchising is a great way to grow your company’s revenue, increase brand awareness, and position your business for new and exciting opportunities. However, a terrific concept does not always guarantee franchise success, and even the savviest start-ups must overcome cultural and operational challenges when bringing a business to scale. Though every business is different, there are a few best practices that will help you preserve the quality of your team, the fabric of your brand, and the culture of your original intention for sustainable success in the long term.

Globe Newswire | May 23, 2018

uBreakiFix Expands in Kansas City Area, Opens in Raymore

Tech repair brand uBreakiFix opens its newest location, uBreakiFix Raymore, on May 22 in Raymore Center off 1939 W Foxwood Drive, next to MOD Pizza and Firehouse Subs. This is the brand’s eighth location in Missouri, joining stores in Blue Springs, Independence, Lawrence, Lenexa, Olathe, Overland Park, and Kansas City on North Oak and in Zona Rosa.

Globe Newswire | May 8, 2018

uBreakiFix Partners With Phone Medic to Serve Tech Users in Kansas City and Beyond

Leading tech repair brand uBreakiFix has partnered with Phone Medic, Kansas City’s largest and fastest growing technology repair company. Under the partnership, Phone Medic will operate as a franchisee of uBreakiFix at all eight existing locations throughout Kansas City and the surrounding areas, as well as three new locations set to open over the coming months. The transition is expected to take place over the next 60 days.


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