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Puerto Rico iPhone Repair

If your looking to repair your cell phone due to accident bring it in to your local Puerto Rico uBreakiFix. We love to fix iPhone’s and what's better yet for you is that we offer free iPhone diagnostics to see what the best course of action is to fix your iPhone. Come into any of the stores in San Juan or Bayamon and let us get your iPhone back and running.

Why Won’t my iPhone Turn On?

Having a hard time turning on your iPhone? There could be a lot of underlying issues that could be causing your phone not to turn on. The top 3 common issues we see for a iPhone not turning on is issues with your iPhone battery, charge port replacement or damaged LCD. If your iPhone has suffered a fall and none of these things have been checked then this mostly is the cause of why your phone may not be turning on. Another cause we see a lot is water damage, If you did not dry your iPhone properly then it may have cause corrosion or other by products of water and electronics. Bring it in as soon as you have a Water damage issue. We can replace your battery, LCD or diagnose your charge port with same day repairs available.

How much does it cost to fix an iphone screen?

60% of smartphones users crack their screen within the first 6 months, you are not alone. We can replace your iPhone screen and in some instances be able to replace both screen and LCD depending on the damage. If your looking to fix and replace your iPhone screen we offer a 1 year warranty on all parts and repairs so there is no need to worry about quality. Be careful when hiring a shop to replace your screen, not all parts are the same. These shops may be using cheap parts that may cause other problems down the line. Bring in your iPhone 6, Or iPhone 7 today and get a free quote with a trusted advisor like uBreakiFix.

Why is my iPhone Battery Draining so Fast?

There are 2 major causes to this, The simple answer is your battery, a replacement battery service by uBreakiFix can fix this for you in no time. Another little known issue is that it can also be software related. Some apps may be running your resources on your phone to the point that it drains your battery quickly. Make sure to audit your apps, or bring it into uBreakiFix for a free diagnostic. We can replace all popular iPhone batteries, From an iPhone 6 battery repair to iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and even iPhone x.