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iPod Repair

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iPod Repair

The little device that revolutionized music. More than ever before, songs were put in the hands of people. And the iPod continues to be a marvel today. But none of that really matters when that incredible technology breaks, as technology does over time.

But when your iPod breaks, we’ll be here to fix it for you.  

Simply bring your broken iPod in for a diagnostics test, with no charge. In addition, if your phone has been wet, we can run a water damage diagnostics test, as well.

Our techs are well educated and ready to pounce on whatever problem they find. So regardless of what is needed (front housing replacement, headphone jack replacement, LCD replacement, battery replacement, click wheel assembly replacement, home button repair, camera replacement, glass replacement, or whatever else), our technicians will find out how to take care of it.

We regularly finish our projects the day they start. And sometimes, they’re done in 30 minutes or less!

Whenever we fix your iPod, we’ll fix it well the first time! And we guarantee that, by giving you your money back if the fix doesn’t hold up.

If someone offers a similar service for cheaper, we’ll gladly match that price to make sure you get your broken iPod fixed right, the first time.

While you’re at it, we don’t want you to be worrying about which iPod you have, whether it’s a nano, touch, shuffle, classic, or another. We are prepared to fix your iPod and get it back to you regardless of which model it is.

Whenever you’re ready, simply bring your iPod to us at our Whitefish Bay store and we’ll fix your phone up just how it should be! Feel free to call to set up an appointment or just drop by whenever you’re nearby!

But even if you’re in another part of the country, we have stores all over, so just check us out online. We look forward to helping you soon!