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PC Repair

Laptops are a large investment that people want to be able to hold onto for several years. Having a high-quality laptop that works properly is essential to your laptop. However, after so many months or years, laptops tend to lose some of their speed ability to work properly. This often leads to people investing even more money into a new laptop. The good news is that there are things that can be done to increase the durability and longevity of your Lenovo, Samsung, Toshiba, Sony, Gateway, and ASUS, Acer or other kind of laptop. We have the ability to upgrade your laptop without the cost.

Memory Upgrade and Virus Removal

If you are looking for a memory upgrade/replacement for your laptop, we have the capability to extend the memory of your laptop. This can be helpful if you find that your speed is slowing down. Also, freeing up storage space will make your laptop’s battery life longer as well as help it keep cool so that the circuits don’t get overheated. Overall, having your memory upgrade/replacement service will provide many benefits.

Over time, many computers accumulate mostly harmless spyware and adware that causes your computer to slow down. Virus removal will help you be able to get your machine running faster. Sometimes, there are much more malicious viruses that lurk in your computers. Bringing your laptop to us will help rid your computer of any harmful threats, as well as free up storage space. Getting viruses removed is important to your computer’s health.

Physical Damage Repairs

In addition to making sure that your laptop’s innards are working properly, we also offer external repairs. If you have cracked your screen or spilled liquid onto your laptop, this can greatly impair the way it works. Keeping your laptop in top physical condition is essential to being able to make it last. We can replace LCD, repair cracked glass screens, water and other liquid damage, as well as many other mishaps.

When you drop your laptop, it can be difficult to fix it by yourself. Coming to professionals who have the experience and the tools such as uBreakiFix will help you repair your laptop so that it can be as good as new. No matter whether you have liquid damage or have dropped it, we will be able to fix it for you.

Our diagnostic services that we offer for all devices are free, meaning that you can get your laptop looked at without having to worry about costly check-ups. We also provide a one year warranty on all of our devices that repair and price match guarantees. You can call us and set up an appointment, but we also accept walk-ins.