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  • Free, no-obligation diagnostic on all computers.
  • Quality parts and training on computers and laptops.
  • All repairs backed by a 1 Year Warranty.
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Mac Repair

uBreakiFix for Quick Mac Book and other Computers Repairs

You have invested so much for a Mac Book Air and have used it efficiently until you accidentally drop it, and it crashed. Kids in your house run to and fro knocking your iBook and breaking the screen. Sometimes, the memory of your computer might be too low already, and it can't do commands and simple tasks faster than usual. Virus has already taken over your laptop corrupting important files. As much as you want to avoid these things to happen, they do happen. It is always good to have a trusted repair buddy to address untoward damages for your beloved gadgets. uBreakiFix is a company you can trust!

About uBreakiFix

uBreakiFix is a professional electronics repair shop for mobile gadgets and computer gadgets as well as game consoles, tablets, and smartphones. It offers quality repairs for all kinds of gadgets including flagship and popular electronics like Mac Book Air, iBook or Mac Book Pro. The company's services for Mac Book and other computer desktop or laptop includes Super drive replacement, LCD replacement, cracked screen replacement, glass repair and water damage repair. The services are not just limited to repair and replacement of laptop or desktop parts. uBreakiFix also do Windows installation, virus removal, and Wi-Fi repair.

The electronic shop is based in Tempe, Arizona. They have been serving the locals of the place as well as the surrounding area for about three years already. uBreakiFix promises services of the highest quality and a price match guarantee for all kinds of electronics repair service they offer. And as an extension to their never ending goal of providing the best service, uBreakiFix has more than 110 electronics repair shops nationwide already.

What makes uBreakiFix exceptional among its competitors is that the electronics repair shop offers a Free Diagnostic Service on all devices. Many electronics repair companies requires diagnostics fee. But with uBreakiFix, you can have your Mac Book Air or Mac Book check without having to shed a penny.

The electronics repair company also offers a 1 year warranty. All the devices repaired by uBreakiFix can be returned to them anytime the devices break under the three-month span.  

Another thing that makes uBreakiFix the best is its price match guarantee. It offers reasonable prices for all its repairs. The pricing is more affordable than any other electronics repair shop in the surrounding area.

Got desktop or laptop problems? Make uBreakiFix your electronics repair buddy!

Anyone can set an appointment at uBreakiFix by calling them at (480) 967- 2168. The electronics repair shop also entertains walk in clients.

uBreakiFix is located at 699 South Mill Avenue #112 Tempe, Arizona 85281. Contact the electronics repair shop for an appointment now!