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LG Repair

uBreakiFix: High-Quality Electronics repairs for LG Optimus G Pro, LG G2, LG G3 and other Mobile Devices

Accidentally sit on your LG Optimus G2 breaking its screen? Poured juice on your LG Thill 4G and it won't open? Sometimes we tend to be clumsy, and it cost us our most treasured gadgets. We break phone screens, overcharge tablets, cracked the glass of LG mobile phones. When we realized that we damaged our phones, we panic and sometimes cry in vain. Buying a new one will always cross our mind. But hey, there is one best solution to fix your device in the fastest way possible without spending bucks in buying a new one. Try electronics repair!

uBreakiFix is a professional smartphone repair company based on Tempe, Arizona. The electronics repair shop offers all kinds of repair that include, but are not limited to, cracked screen repair, glass repair, water damage repair, screen replacement and digitizer replacement. uBreakiFix repairs all gadgets from latest smartphones including LG Optimus G2 and LG Optimus S to personal computers, tablets, game consoles and other mobile gadgets.

For more than three years, uBreakiFix has been offering its services in Tempe and its surrounding areas. The electronics repair company has proven itself from time to time as it provides highest quality services and repairs for the most affordable prices among others. To date, the company has already more than 110 electronics repair shop nationwide.

Why uBreakiFix more efficient?

uBreakiFix offers a Free Diagnostic Service on all devices. You can bring your gadgets on the store, and the company technician will assess the problems and give you diagnostics for free. Most of the electronics repair shops charge a little fee for the diagnostics. UBreakiFix does not require you any amount for your gadget check-up.

If you choose the company to repair your LG Optimus G2, LG Optimus S or any other mobile and computer devices, uBreakiFix offers a 1 year warranty. All devices repaired by the electronics repair shops automatically qualifies for a three-month warranty, which means when the repaired phone broke in that time span; you can go back to the store for a free repair.   

The company has a convenient and comfortable location. It is situated in Mill Avenue in the Brickyard on Mill building. The building lobby is a hub of entertainment and gaming. You can enjoy the arcade machines or watch movies while you wait for your phone to get fixed.

uBreakiFix welcome walk-ins but setting an appointment can be done as well. The company has a great price match guarantee that makes it a top competitor among other repair shops in the area.

uBreakiFix has a wide variety of gadget parts in stock for different devices including flagship like LG Optimus G2 and other popular devices.

Got damage phone? Leave it to uBreakiFix.

uBreakiFix is located at 699 South Mill Avenue #112 Tempe, Arizona 85281. Contact the electronics repair shop for an appointment now! Call (480) 967- 2168.