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HTC Repair

HTC Repair

HTC Cell Phone Repair


Do you own an HTC device? Some people love them, and others stay away from them like they are the plague. However, no matter if you are adverse to HTC smartphones, uBreakiFix will be able to improve your device if it has been damaged. Dropping and breaking a Smartphone is something that seems to be a common occurrence these days. Everyone has at least known someone to accidentally crack the screen or drop their phone in water.


Thankfully, not every mishap that happens with phones is irreparable. Whether you have the HTC EVO, HTC Wildfire, HTC One, One max, mini or V model or any HTC device, we will be able to take a look at it. We also look at other kinds of phones such as the Droid Incredible and DNA, as well as the Windows 8X. Most times, we will be able to repair it unless the circuits are completely fried. There are many different kinds of maladies that we are able to correct, and soon, your HTC phone will be looking as good as new, and working even better.


Our Services


We can repair nearly any kind of damage done to an HTC phone, as well as other kinds of phones and electronic devices. We are able to replace cracked screen pieces, as well as other types of glass, such as the backs of iPhones. Our glass repair and cracked screen repair services are top notch and will have your phone looking as good as new in no time.


Also, if your phone has been dropped in water or other liquid, we have water damage repair services. Even if your phone has been in the water for an extended period of time, if some of it is still salvageable and working, we will be able to fix it. Making sure that your device works properly and to its full capacity is our priority, so we will spend as much time and energy needed to get your phone working once again. uBreakiFix is a company that is dedicated to customer satisfaction.


There are many other things that can happen to your phone. Over time, the battery can become so bad that you find yourself charging it almost constantly. Our battery replacement services will be able to help you have a phone that works without the charger.


We offer a free diagnostic service on all of the devices that we service, as well as a one year warranty to make sure that every device that you bring to us will continue to work admirably. Appointments are available, but walk-ins are always welcome. We provide a price match guarantee to make sure you get the best deal.