uBreakiFix Stone Oak

BlackBerry Repair

uBreakiFix Stone Oak is more then your Blackberry repair store, we are your Blackberry repair specialist. We specialize in all aspects of Blackberry repairs, including front glass repair, LCD repair, water damage, charge port repair, failing ear speaker, failing MICs, trackball repair and replacement, headphone jack repair, and battery replacements. All repairs are done on site and, more importantly, most if not all repairs can be done while you wait pending part availability. Our repairs are done and handled in a timely turnaround manner as we understand the importance of staying connected with your family, friends, and business. We are more than your local repair store. With 48 stores nationwide, we are the nations largest corporation for Smartphone repair. We also offer mail in repairs through our corporate head quarters in Florida for those that can't make the drive. All repairs are guaranteed for 90 days, all competitors' prices are beaten by $5.00 and, as always, all diagnostic services are free!