uBreakiFix Quantico

Mac Repair

Your Mac computer is an example of how wonderful a computer can be. It does whatever you need for business or personal use—and it looks good while doing it. If yours breaks, though, it can be about as useless as a brick. And we don’t want that.

At uBreakiFix Quantico, we want you to be locked and loaded, ready to use your computer at a moment’s notice.

Here are your steps to a healthy, working Mac.

Stop by our store.

After you bring your phone our way, we’ll run a free diagnostics test on it to see what the issue is. That will let us know of any problems so we can begin to figure out what the solutions are.

We fix your computer.

This is the part of the story where our brilliant technicians get to work on your Mac to get it up and running as soon as possible. It’s our goal to get it back to you quickly, but in particular, we strive for same-day repairs.

It all depends on what is needed, but rest assured that whether your broken Mac needs volume repair, dock connector repair, glass replacement, screen replacement, or anything else, our techs would be able to make it happen for your computer.

We care about your Mac

We believe that your computer is valuable enough for it to be taken care of with expert precision and thoughtfulness. And we think that it should be fixed right the first time; that’s why we offer to price match any offer you get for a similar service. Along with that, we gladly give you a 90-day nationwide guarantee when we fix your computer.

Your model is important.

Whatever the model is of your personal Mac, we’ll work on it. A word of warning, though, the old Macs are toughies.

Wherever you need us.

We’re in Quantico. We’re in Fredericksburg. We’re all over the East Coast and across the country. We’re even in a couple different countries. With that said, if you’re traveling or know a friend that lives elsewhere that needs some tech help on their Mac, look us up! Our staff, wherever they’re located, will be happy to help you.