uBreakiFix Quantico

iPod Repair

You probably adore music if you use an iPod. And we understand. Music is important to us, too. That’s why uBreakiFix Quantico wants to help you get your iPod back as soon as possible when it breaks. Because they do, unfortunately, break. We wouldn’t exist otherwise. We’re here because we know technology doesn’t last forever and because we believe that shouldn’t inhibit you.

So whichever is your iPod-of-choice—whether it be the Nano, Touch, Classic, Shuffle, or another—we’ll help you get it back soon so you can get back to jammin’ to your favorites songs.

Here’s our order of operations:

Start by visiting us

Whenever you’re ready to, stop by our Quantico store and we’ll figure our what the issue with your iPod is. We do that by running a free diagnostics test (and a water damage diagnostics test, too, if it’s been wet) that gives us the information we need to get going.

We go to town.

AKA, we put one of our brilliant technicians on the job. They take the outputs from those tests and will do their best to fix your iPod as quickly and efficiently as possible. Of all the things that need fixing, we can service them to the best of our ability—camera replacement, click wheel replacement, front housing replacement, battery replacement, glass replacement, body repair, home button repair, and much more!

You get savings.

Savings takes on a new meaning when you get a 90-day nationwide warranty. We want you to know that we’re invested in fixing your iPod. And we throw in a price match guarantee because we want to make sure you know that your device deserves to get fixed the right way the first time. And by the way, we do same-day repair as often as possible. If we can, we’ll do 30-minutes or less.

We’re versatile.

You live in Quantico? Great, we’re there. And all over the country. So make sure you check out our website if you’re traveling or recommending us to a friend. We’re happy to help you whenever and where you need it!