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iPod Repair

Driving, iPod, Working out, iPod, relaxing evening at home, iPod. We use our iPods in just about every facet of our lives and there are not many things more devastating then feeling like you've lost a library of music you spent years accumulating. Well fear not, uBreakiFix is here to solve your iPod's woes. With all of the small parts for iPod Classic and Videos as well as the popular iPod Touch kept in stock we could have you back jamming out to your favorite tunes in 30 minutes, if not less!

We've serviced hundreds of iPod's at our uBreakiFix Phoenix location off Camelback and 16th St. and there's nothing more rewarding than that sigh of relief when a customer hears the first note of their favorite song pumping through their newly repaired iPod! If you are having issues with your iPod stop by today and get your free diagnostic!