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Google Repair Peoria

There is a reason why we take our phones with us everywhere — they are our lifeline to our friends, family, social circles, bank accounts, and a means of capturing those memories that are most dear to us. For this reason, it is understandably upsetting when you have to consider sending your phone away for repairs. That’s why at uBreakiFix, we decided to do things differently. We offer same-day repair services as often as we can, and can provide a phone for you to use while you wait for yours to be fixed.

Free Diagnostic Test

Every customer receives a free, no-obligation diagnostic test. During this test, we look at every aspect of your phone to determine what is the root cause of the trouble, as well as all parts that might require some much needed TLC. After we complete your phone’s diagnostic test, we meet with you and discuss our findings as well as prepare a quote for the needed services and parts. As we discuss what is wrong with your phone, we do our best to be as transparent as possible so that you can make the best decision for your needs. There is never any pressure or obligation to work with uBreakiFix, but we would love to serve you.  

Exceptional Customer Service 

One reason why so many in Peoria choose uBreakiFix is due to our exceptional customer service. Our customers always come first — plain and simple. Our experienced and highly qualified repair techs can get your phone working like new as quickly as possible while also providing a 90-day warranty on our services.  

Affordable Prices

Even if you think your Pixel may be beyond help, we encourage you to stop in and let us see how we can help. We offer the most affordable Google repair prices in Bloomington because not having a working phone is stressful enough without having to stress about an expensive repair or replacement. We look forward to working with you!

Stop into uBreakiFix — a Google partner — to discover why so many trust us for their Google repair needs!