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If it’s not authorized, it’s not fixed.

  • OEM parts, tools, training, and equipment provided by Samsung.
  • Most repairs done in 45 minutes or less.
  • All repairs backed by a 1 Year Warranty.
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Samsung Repair

Samsung Repairs in Newark, NJ

The Samsung name comes with a very impressive list of devices. From tablets to smartphones, this household name carries all sorts of lines and models suited for every needed. Because they have so many products, it can be difficult to find a specialist who knows how to serve any and all of your Samsung devices - until now! UbreakiFix in Newark is proud to offer professional and speedy repair services for all of our city’s Samsung fans. Our repair technicians are certified by Samsung to repair their devices, and use the highest quality parts available. While our specialized service is in a class of its own, we still offer fair and competitive pricing for all devices. Need an expert to take a look at your failing device? Call us to schedule an appointment today!

Samsung Certified Repairs

Like we mentioned earlier, our technicians are trained and certified by Samsung themselves to repair their assortment of devices. We’re able to offer this awesome perk to our customers because of our partnership with Samsung. Another bonus from said partnership is the access we have to the absolute best parts available. All of our replacement parts are OEM-certified, otherwise known as original manufacturer equipment. That means our parts either come straight from the Samsung factory, or are made to the same strict standards and specifications as Samsung’s original parts. The long and short of it is our repairs simply last longer, because we invest in high quality parts. Because we’re so confident in our high quality replacement parts, we offer a 1 year on each and every one.

Support For All Samsung Devices

There are some repair shops who have the know-how to replace a phone screen, but can they really be trusted with your valuable Samsung devices? You know which ones we’re talking about: that small mall kiosk with the guy who always looks at you funny. Instead of banking on what could be, leave your device with the professionals who know how to support all Samsung devices. Samsung Galaxy repairs, Samsung Note repairs, and Samsung tablet repairs are all amongst the different devices we’ve successfully brought back to working order. We don’t limit you no matter what your device is; Even if you have an older model, like the S6, or a rarer model such as the Samsung Tab 8.4, we’re happy to give your device the expert support you’ve come to expect from us. Have multiple Samsung devices that need fixing? Bring ‘em all in! Our lovable tech geeks will be happy to help you with multiple devices at once.

Time-Conscious Repairs

While we never judge the complex mind of a procrastinator, we know you need fast service so you can get back to your regularly scheduled Samsung-ing. That’s why we work quickly to complete our repairs and restore your device to its former glory. By implementing the most advanced and efficient repair methods, we can give your device all the TLC it needs in record time, all without ever sacrificing customer service or compromising quality. While it’s not unusual for us to carry out repairs in one business day, some repairs can be done even faster: screen replacements, battery replacements, and similarly simple repairs can be done in as little as two hours! Your friends have probably been complaining about your cracked screen for at least that long, so when you look at it that way, it’s really fast.

Unbeatable Customer Service

Amazing repairs and affordable prices just aren’t worth it when you have to deal with jerks. Thankfully, you’ll never have to deal with that at uBreakiFix. Every member of our team is what people consider a ‘people-person’, and are more than happy to serve you. We strive to offer exceptional customer service and respect to each and every customer we come in contact with. Chances are you’re not having the best day if your device just went haywire, either, so we always try to be sensitive to your needs. Our customers are the reason why we’re ultimately able to serve you so well; We thrive on the feedback you give us, which has enabled us to have the outstanding reputation we have today. Are you ready to experience the real uBreakiFix difference? Rhetorical question - we know you’re ready. Stop by today for a free diagnostic exam!