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Game Console Repair

Game Console Repairs in Newark, NJ

You’re playing Elder Scrolls online, changing your character’s hair color, when your PS4 suddenly shuts off. Do you A) Throw it out the window or B) Find a pro to fix it? Hopefully you’re here because you chose the second option! Here at uBreakiFix, we’re ready to help you with all of your console repair needs. We offer comprehensive and professional repairs, affordable prices, and multi-device support. Whether you’re sporting a PS4, Xbox or Wii, our team will assess the situation and carry out a speedy repair with ease. Ready to return to your Kinect friends? Give us a call!

Service For Everyone

We don’t exclude anyone when it comes to our console repairs. Xbox overheating? We’ve got you. PS4 crashing often? It’s no biggie. Got overzealous with Wii Boxing and hurled your controller into your console? Come see us (and bring any video footage with you). The age of your console doesn’t exclude you from the party, either, as we are happy to have a look at consoles of all ages. If your PS3 or older Xbox is giving you problems, don’t be shy! Worried your console is broken beyond repair? Schedule an appointment and let us determine that.

Your Repair Done By Pros

You wouldn’t play Overwatch with just anyone, would you? The same can be said about repairs. Go to the trusted professionals for your console repair needs! Our repair technicians are not only extremely skilled and highly trained, but also big tech geeks. They have a real passion for all things technology, and many have game consoles themselves. We’ll be careful and calculated with your device, just as we would with our own. What makes our lovable and nerdy techs qualified? How about the fact that big companies like Samsung and Google have both certified them for repairs? If they can trust our techs with phone repairs, you can trust us to coddle your console.

Get Back to Gaming Fast

You’re probably not going to live down those jokes about your lag excuses, but if your console is out of commission, you have no opportunity to redeem yourself. We know every second counts, which is why we’re happy to say that we’re one of the fastest console repair shops in all of Newark! Some repairs can be done in as little as a day, while some very simple cases can be done in as little as two hours! We complete fast repairs while maintaining our high standards by using the most advanced and efficient repair methods available. How long can your team last without their medic? Instead of letting them down, pay a visit to the techs who value your time.

After all, the only good part about long repair times is that by the time you get your device back, they may have nerfed Bastion.

A Fix You Can Afford

We don’t want you to spend your whole trust fund on repairs (but hey, flaunt it if you got it).That’s why we have several perks in play to give more value to our customers. Our diagnostic exam, for example, is the precursor to every repair - and it’s totally free! We also have a price match guarantee. If you see a lower price for your same repair advertised elsewhere, we’ll price match the competitor. Because we love to spoil our customers, we’ll not only price match the competitor, but also take an extra five dollars off! Don’t put off your repair. Stop by today!