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LG Repair

LG Repair

Life is absolutely Good when you have one of these superb phones. However, unfortunate mistakes or wear-and-tear make it impossible to use those phones, life can slow down to a snail’s pace, when it should be running like a hare. That’s where uBreakiFix McKinney comes in for you!

We want to help you get your phone in your hand and back to functionality.

Free Diagnostics

Just bring your broken LG phone in and we’ll run a diagnostics test on it for you, free of charge. Wet phones aren’t necessarily a lost cause either; we’ll run a water damage diagnostics test on yours to find out.

Expert Technicians

When we’ve isolated the problem with you phone, we’ll place one of our skilled professionals on the job of fixing your phone for future use. Our technicians are experts in many fields, from body repair and button replacement to LCD replacement and screen repair, and much much more.

Same-Day Repair

We try to complete our repairs as soon as possible. Often, that happens on the day they’re brought in, and with many phone issues, it happens in 30–45 minutes or less!

1 year Nationwide Warranty

If we fix your LG smartphone, it will stay fixed—you can bet on that.

Price Match Guarantee If another company thinks they can fix the issue for cheaper, we’ll gladly do it for the price they quote you at, because we want your fix done right.

So, don’t even think twice about bringing your favorite LG phone in, regardless of model (LG Thrill 4G, LG Optimus G3, LG Optimus G2, LG Optimus GE970, LG Optimus G Pro, LG Optimus G, LG Optimus S, LG Optimus G2X, LG Optimus 3D or another model). We’re happy to service it for you.

When you live in Texas, or when you visit the great state, uBreakiFix McKinney is here for your LG technology fixes.

And remember, if you’re not in the Dallas­—Fort Worth area, we have locations all over North America. Please look us up!