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iPod Repair

For well over a decade, the iPod has been redefining how we listen to music. When yours goes down, a victim of long-life, a jarring fall, or something else, that doesn’t have to spell the end for your well-loved music jukebox.

Come in with your iPod and we’ll run diagnostics on it, free of charge. Worried that we won’t be able to help if you’ve dropped your iPod into your drink or the nearest body of water? No need to worry. We can run a water damage diagnostic test on it to figure out if it’s salvageable and what the best course of action is to do so.

Our employees are trained to fix a variety of issues, and once we’ve isolated them, we’ll get rid of them with expert precision. Our techs are experts in diverse fields: battery replacement, click wheel assembly replacement, LCD replacement, glass replacement, front housing replacement, headphone jack replacement, home button repair, camera replacement, and more.

Often, our repairs are done on the day they’re brought in. If ever a repair takes longer than a day, we make sure to keep you informed every step of the way with updates and information on the repair.

When we fix your device, we fix it right! We actually guarantee by giving you your money back if your previous iPod problem problem persists.

If you can find someone offering to do the same services for a lower price, we’ll happily do them for you at the lesser rate. We appreciate your time and want to make sure your iPod gets fixed right!

Whichever of the magical musical devices has become your iPod of choice—nano, touch, shuffle, classic, or another model—we’re ready and able to fix it and get it back in your hand...or pocket...or attached to your shirt...or in a portable music device. You get the picture...

Whenever you’re ready, bring your iPod into uBreakiFix Keystone in Indianapolis and we’ll fix you and your phone up right! Just call to set up an appointment or just drop by. We're open seven days a week!