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iPod Repair

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iPod Repair


iPod Repair is one of our many specialties in Jacksonville, FL. We repair all models of the iPod touch from the 1st generation to the 4th and beyond. Though the iPod touch is a useful device, it has proven to be fragile as well. Shattered glass displays are the most common issue on the iPod touch. This common glass issue can be caused by dropping the iPod or mishandling is in many other ways. Though shattered glass is the most common issue we see, we also offer free diagnostics and many other iPod touch repair services to cure whatever is ailing your iPod touch.

iPod Classic Repair

We also offer a full range of services for the iPod classic in Jacksonville, FL as well. We service the, iPod 4th Generation Photo, the iPod 5th generation Video, and the latest 6th Generation Classic. We also service older generation iPod classics however these older devices are not always cost effective to repair. If you are not sure which iPod classic you have, call our repair shop in Jacksonville, FL and we will be happy to assist you.