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Computer Repair


For modern living, a computer is essential. Whether you use your PC primarily for intense gaming sessions, or working from home, a broken computer is a problem. For reliable computer repair near me, bring it to the pros at uBreakiFix in Hixson, TN. Our repair techs have not only the skills, but also the experience required for quality computer repair services. Don’t know what’s wrong with your computer? No problem: unlike most computer repair shops, our diagnostic exams are completely free, every time.

Expert Laptop & PC Repair in Chattanooga

Are you dealing with a broken laptop and frantically searching for a ‘computer repair in Chattanooga TN?’ Breathe... Then head on over to uBreakiFix. Our pro repair technicians will help ease your troubles with our free diagnostic exam and efficient repair service. No matter what kind of tech you’re using, a Dell laptop or a Dell, the seasoned technicians of uBreakiFix are prepared to mend any of your MacBook or PC problems.

Glass screen repair: If you're sad because of a broken screen, bring it into uBreakiFix for a quick and easy laptop repair. We treat your laptop as our own while we gently repair or replace your screen, and many laptop screen services are completed in just one day.

Spyware checks & virus removal: Accidentally download a virus on your desktop? Don’t feel bad: plenty of others would have fallen for that email from a Nigerian prince too. Bring your PC to uBreakiFix's repair experts as soon as you suspect you may have a virus. Our trained team has successfully removed even the most sneaky spyware, nasty malware and !

Connectivity troubleshooting: You probably didn't buy your computer just to play Solitaire; which means you’ll need some kind of Internet connection. If you're dealing with connectivity issues, our friendly techies at uBreakiFix can help you get your computer online again.

Dead battery replacement: Some laptops have longer battery lives than others, but no battery lasts forever. Bring your laptop to the techs at uBreakiFix for a seamless, professional laptop battery replacement! At uBreakiFix, we use high quality parts and efficient techniques to replace laptop batteries with ease.

Water damage: The techs at uBreakiFix won’t ask if it was an accidental spill or the result of a rage-quit, but they will be able to assess the extent of liquid damage to your PC. The repair techs of uBreakiFix have been trained to repair problems caused by water damage in laptops or PCs - so put away that rice and head on over.

Hard drive repair: You might not have ever noticed your hard drive before, but when it keeps your computer from booting, it obviously needs a little professional attention. As soon as you suspect your hard drive might have failed, bring it to the professional repair techs at uBreakiFix. Our talented team can help, and might even be able to help you restore lost data, too.

Memory or data recovery: Before you begin panicking about the now lost pictures of the family doggo, bring your computer to the repair techs at uBreakiFix. Our techs are highly experienced in the field of data recovery, and know how to retrieve data from all sorts of situations.

Start-up issues: If your computer or laptop is slow to start then it’s time to bring it to uBreakiFix for repairs! Our highly skilled repair techs can determine what’s got your computer refusing to cooperate, and get it working properly again.

Computer Repairs for Every Make & Model

Computers are all built a little different. And uBreakiFix is proud to offer service to nearly all kinds! Whether you love your Dell computer, or sport the newest Chromebook, our tech team is sure to have the skills to assist with all kinds of computer repair services. With a little luck (and thanks to our tech's hard-earned skill, experience and expertise), we should have your computer working again before you know it.

Laptop Repair: Your local uBreakiFix and our team of technicians is the best one stop shop for a laptop repair in CITY, hands down.. Slow performance? Been there. Shattered screen? Done that. Suspected virus? Oh man, we could talk about virus removal all day. Schedule an appointment today for your free diagnostic exam! Our seasoned pros would be happy to assist you with any of your laptop issues, whether you use a brand-new MacBook Air or an old Dell.

Dell Repair: Is your Dell laptop suffering from screen burns, or won’t boot? Bring it to the friendly team over at uBreakiFix. Our Dell laptop repairs are done by our technology-obsessed techs, who are experts when it comes to diagnosing and solving all sorts of malfunctions.

Asus Computer Repair: When you need an Asus repair in Chattanooga, come to your local uBreakiFix. Our repair technicians can fix any issues your Asus may have, be it mechanical or performance related. Our team at uBreakiFix work efficiently and expertly to produce quality service in record time.

Toshiba Computer Repair: Finally sick of staring at your Toshiba’s blank screen? Come get it repaired by the pros at uBreakiFix in Chattanooga. Our skillful repair techs are able to solve even the most convoluted computer mishaps with ease. If your Toshiba needs a malware-wipe or a new battery, ask about our same-day repairs!

Acer Computer Repair: Dealing with a computer bug on your beloved Acer computer? Get it taken care of professionally at uBreakiFix. Our highly trained repair technicians have all the right tools and skills to provide a high quality Acer repairs, including malware removal. The team at uBreakiFix has successfully repaired thousands of Acer computers - it’s time to add yours to the list!

HP Computer Repair: If your HP computer isn't working properly because of a broken keyboard or cracked screen, get it restored at uBreakiFix! Our knowledgeable technicians dedicate their time to restoring malfunctioning HP computers and fixing all sorts of other tech, too. With high quality replacement parts and efficient repair techniques, uBreakiFix is your best option for a comprehensive HP Computer repair in TN!

Gateway Computer Repair: Gateway computers may not be common, but they also run in to their fair share of unimpressive issues, including broken screens to trouble booting. When you need repairs done for your Gateway computer, come see the pros at uBreakiFix! Our repair technicians will diagnose your issues right away, and can restore your computer’s problems with ease.

Levovo Repair in Chattanooga: Does your Lenovo computer screen look like it was run over? Let the professionals at uBreakiFix bring it back to life! Our skilled techs are trained to replace Lenovo batteries and screens speedily and easily. In fact, our repair techs are equipped to handle Lenovo issues of all kinds, ranging all the way from blank screens to boot loops. Let the friendly repair techs at uBreakiFix in Chattanooga get things working.

Sony Vaio Computer Repair: If your Sony Vaio computer has a busted screen, or simply won’t turn on, bring it to the professionals at uBreakiFix in Chattanooga for fast, expert fix. Our repair technicians have worked with countless Sony Vaio computers, and successfully fixed issues like broken screens, boot loops, and malware. Sony Vaio repair in Chattanooga, uBreakiFix has a solution.

Samsung Computer Repair: Dealing with connection issues or screen bleed on your Samsung computer? Let our pros at uBreakiFix help! Our Samsung computer repair technicians are both highly trained and extremely efficient, solving all of your Samsung issues in a snap.