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Google Repair

Unbeatable Google Pixel Repair in Greensboro

Pixel battery replacement is an inevitable necessity. Daily use will slowly degrade your battery, lowering its capacity over time. You can take steps to extend the life of your battery, like having good charging behavior or reducing the power that your phone draws from it by avoiding certain apps. Our Greensboro store’s Pixel battery replacement service is fast and inexpensive, so when you do eventually need to get a new battery, we’ll get your phone situated.

Expert Services

Google Pixel screen replacement is one of our fastest services. You could have a brand-new screen on your device within 20 minutes after we get started. As a Google partner, we have access to their OEM parts. This means that you will get a screen just like the original one that came with your device. Using OEM parts greatly increases the success of a Pixel screen repair and cuts down on the possibility of component failure.

Free Diagnostic Service

No appointment is necessary for your Google Pixel repair, just come down to uBreakiFix in Greensboro and we’ll get started. A free diagnostic exam is provided before every repair. We have staff on-hand ready to take walk-ins during business hours all week. Delays are rare, but If you want to check how busy we are, you are always welcome to give us a call.

We have fixed many phones that were said to be unfixable by other Google Pixel repair providers. Our staff has training directly from Google on how to service their devices, so we can complete many repairs that others cannot. If you were turned down elsewhere, come see us in Greensboro for a second opinion.

Low-Price Guarantee and 90-Day Warranty

The number one location for Google Pixel repair in Greensboro is uBreakiFix. We are one of many uBreakiFix stores across the country and have become a customer favorite in the past decade for our reliability and low cost. We keep our costs low by focusing on building trust with customers, so they choose us for their business again and again, and to prove our reliability to new customers, we provide a 90-day warranty on all repairs. Our Google phone repair technicians are trained both by us and Google, and as authorized service providers, we are prepared and equipped to give you the best repair possible.

If your Google Pixel repair truly is impossible, or if it would be too costly, we will tell you upfront. We also will not charge you if you must give up on a repair in the middle of it. Your loyalty and trust are important to us, and we want you to know that you are getting honest service every time you walk through our doors in Greensboro.