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What Our Greece Customers Are Saying About Tablet Repair Services

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Tablet Repair

These are one of the biggest advances in mobile technology in recent years, and there’s a reason why many companies have created their own version of the tablet: they’re amazing and versatile. Whether yours is made by iPad, Blackberry, Barnes and Noble, LG, HTC, Lenovo, HP, Sony, Dell, Asus, Motorola, Amazon, or Toshiba, we know how to fix it. 

Free Diagnostics
When your tablet breaks, simply bring it in to us and we’ll run a free diagnostics test on it to find the issue. Regardless of what happened, our test should let us know what’s gone wrong. We even have a water damage diagnostics test we can run on it that will key us in on the best way to fix your wet tablet.

Expert Technicians
As soon as we’ve found the issue, we’ll go ahead and put one of our talented techs on it to take care of the issue as soon as possible. Our techs really are experts in numerous fields, like glass and LCD replacement, as well as camera replacement and battery replacement.

Same-Day Repair
Our repairs are often done on the same day we receive a device. Many repairs are actually done in 30 minutes or less.

90-Day Nationwide Warranty
We don’t want you to fix your tablet twice, so we take the effort to make sure that it’s done correctly the first time. If for some reason, the fix doesn’t hold up within the first three months after we fix your device, you’ll pay nothing extra. 

Price Match Guarantee
We want to make sure your tablet is fixed the right way the first time, which is why we want to make sure that we’re the ones doing it for you. If you happen to find the same service from a different company at a lesser price, we’ll happily match that price and then do it for $5 less.

uBreakiFix Greece is conveniently located across the street from The Mall at Greece Ridge.

Whenever your tablet is broke and you’re in the Greece—or anywhere in the Rochester area, really—we’ll happily fix it as soon as we can and get it right back to you. Just call us to set up an appointment or simply drop by when you’re able to.