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iPod Repair

You use an iPod because you love music and it’s what helped music boom in the last decade. Your iPod also makes it simple to listen to music while you’re on the go—whatever that means for you. It’s tailored to your style, and there are many types of iPods to suit your needs: the Shuffle, Nano, Touch, Classic, or any numerous other models.

So, because your iPod is so important to you, when it breaks, you want it back stat. And we want to send you on your way bumping to your favorite hits.

Here’s the plan:
Start by visiting us

When you’re ready, swing by our Fredericksburg store so we can diagnose the problem. We’ll give your iPod a free diagnostics test to precisely locate what’s wrong. And we even have a water damage diagnostics test in case your iPod decided to take a dip in the pool on a hot day.

We go to town.

That’s slang for: our expert technicians will use the output from those tests to fix your iPod in the best and quickest, way possible. There are many things that could need fixing, but we tend to service most or all of them—battery replacement, camera replacement, click wheel replacement, front housing replacement, glass replacement, body repair, home button repair, and much much more!

You get savings.

We guarantee that you won’t need to fix the same problem, because we know we’ll do it right. This means you’ll get a 1 year nationwide warranty on our service to your iPod. Not to mention that, but we also offer a price match guarantee to make sure that you get your phone fixed right as soon as possible. Oh yeah, and we try for same day repair as often as is possible, and sometimes our repairs are done in 30 minutes or less.

We’re versatile.

Are you in Fredericksburg? So are we. How about Quantico? Yep. In fact, we have stores all over the country whose employees are waiting to serve you!