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HTC Repair

HTC Repair

If you use an HTC, it’s because you’ve probably used one before and know how awesome they can be. But no cell phone is perfect when broken and—unfortunately—all cell phones can still break. But if you have a broken HTC, don’t worry, that’s why uBreakiFix Fredericksburg exists!

We’re here to fix your favorite HTC phone, whether it’s the HTC Sensation XL, HTC Inspire 4G, HTC Windows Phone 8x, HTC Wildfire S, HTC Hero, HTC Incredible, HTC Incredible 2,  HTC 7 Trophy, HTC 7 Mozart or any other model.

Simply call to set up an appointment or stop in whenever you’d like!

We give you a 1 year nationwide warranty, same day repair (when possible), price match guarantee, and a free diagnostics test. And from there, our expert technicians will help you figure out the best way to fix your phone. Here are some of the main fixes they encounter.

Glass Replacement

Everybody drops their phone, unless they’re a superhero. We’ll fix that glass stat.

Port and Dock Repair

If you can’t dock or port your phone, you’ll be unable to restore or update your phone.

Listening Repairs

Hello? Can you hear me currently? When your audio receiver is broke, the answer is no. But not for long when you bring it in for us to fix.

Camera Replacement

The cameras on smartphones have become incredibly powerful. When broke, they’re just taking up space. But we’ll do all we can to solve that problem for you.

Battery Replacement

If you can’t charge your phone, you can’t use your phone. If you can’t use it, it’s about as valuable as a tiny little brick. We can change that.

LCD Replacement

At times, your LCD screen can bite the dust or have a glitch. LCD tech is awesome when it works. When it doesn’t, the tech is pointless.

Button Repair

If you push the button, we believe you should be able to see some sort of response. If that isn’t the case, we’ll help change that story for you.