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What Our Falls Church Customers Are Saying About Tablet Repair Services

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Tablet Repair

When tablets busted onto the scene, they changed things for the tech world.

From then on, people have been able to hold in their hands something that combined phone with computer in some of the best ways.

When life happens, however, that fantastic device goes down and it’s impossible for you to think of it as being as awesome when you’re holding a broken tablet in your hands.

But that’s why uBreakiFix Falls Church exists, to get the power of the tablet back into the hands of the people. We respect whichever model of tablet is your favorite, whether it’s a Kindle or iPad, or a similar device made by Asus, Dell, Motorola, HP, Google, Lenovo, HTC, Samsung, Toshiba, BlackBerry, or Barnes and Noble.

Whenever you’re ready, stop by our Falls Church store and we’ll figure out what the issue with your Tablet is. We do that by running a free diagnostics test (and a water damage diagnostics test, too, if it’s been wet) that gives us the information we need to get going.

Once you take initiative to get your Tablet fixed, you can do the following:

  • Simply stop by our Falls Church store, just one mile from the West Falls Church Metro, located at 1071 West Broad Street.

  • Our knowledgeable, professional technicians will run a diagnostic test on your tablet and fix your Tablet as quickly and efficiently as possible. Tablet repairs we specialize in are; camera replacement, housing replacement, battery replacement, glass replacement, home button repair, and much more!

  • It’s true, we offer to price match any similar offer you’ve received and when we give you a 90-day nationwide warranty. We strive for same day repair, often completing tablet repairs in just a few hours.

Set up an appointment or simply walk-in to our Falls Church location whenever it’s convenient for you. We look forward to repairing your Tablet and providing you with industry-leading customer service and repair experience.