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  • All repairs backed by a 1 Year Warranty.
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iPod Repair

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iPod Repair

You probably adore music, especially if you use an iPod. Music is important to us, too. That’s why uBreakiFix Falls Church wants to help you get your iPod back as soon as possible when it breaks. Because they do, unfortunately, break. We wouldn’t exist otherwise. We’re here because we know technology doesn’t last forever and because we believe that shouldn’t inhibit you.


So whichever is your iPod-of-choice—whether it’s the Nano, Touch, Classic, Shuffle, or original—we’ll help you get it back to like new soon so you can get back to listening to your favorite songs.


Whenever you’re ready, stop by our Falls Church store and we’ll figure out what the issue with your iPod is. We do that by running a free diagnostics test (and a water damage diagnostics test, too, if it’s been wet) that gives us the information we need to get going.


Stop by our Falls Church store, located just one mile from the West Falls Church Metro.

We’ll put one of our brilliant technicians on the job. They take the outputs from those tests and will do their best to fix your iPod as quickly and efficiently as possible. Of all the things that need fixing, we can service them to the best of our ability—camera replacement, click wheel replacement, front housing replacement, battery replacement, glass replacement, back housing replacement, home button repair, and much more!

It’s true, we price match any similar offer you’ve received and when we give you a 1 year nationwide warranty. We strive for same day repair, but often complete repairs in 30 minutes or less.